How to Start Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

Healthcare or medical is one of the extremely beneficial businesses around the globe. The United Arab Emirates is well recognized for giving outstanding and advanced possibilities for people wishing to do such kind of business.

If you are looking for how to open a medical equipment trading company in Dubai from India then contact Start Any Business UAE consultants who will help you in the complete process and guide you every step during the process and make it easy and effective without any obstacles. They will complete your process at an affordable rate. Here we mentioned a little guide that will help you in the procedure.

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The nation set targets to give the best characteristics and practice amenities to patients. This is known for its top-notch healthcare services for its residents. To sustain the norms, medical experts in the nation quality medical devices to give quality services. It has attracted a lot of businessmen and medical professionals from all over the globe to begin a medical trading business in Dubai.

The Dubai government gives a lot of benefits that assist in the growth of the healthcare amenities of the UAE. Dubai has an attractive and amazing infrastructure and particularly sound logistics and transportation services that make it simple for people to link from various parts of the globe. With all these advantages, you can easily begin your own medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

The Process to Start a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

The Process to Start Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

In order to establish a medical equipment trading business in Dubai including taking approvals, permissions, and registration of your venture with the Ministry of Health of Dubai. The necessary steps you need to follow are –

1. Opening an LLC Company

In order to commence your operation of importing and distributing appliances in Dubai, you should register your venture as an LLC company with the Department of Economic Development. For this registration, you need to choose the right and suitable activity for your business related to the business nature. Then, register with customs to obtain an import and export code for delivering medical equipment into the nation.

2. Register the Medical Products with the Ministry of Health

The medical products of the company should be registered with the Dubai Ministry of Health. The relevant health officials should sanction the appropriate business activities, and medical equipment prior to they can be sold in the United Arab Emirates. Get all the legal paperwork and clearances prior to doing business in Dubai to avoid fines and legal actions.

3. Working with a Local Distribution Agent

On the other hand, the company may appoint a local commercial and distribution agent. The local agent is registered with the Ministry of Health for the distribution and import the medical appliances in Dubai or the UAE. The agent on the company’s behalf will register the medical appliances with the Ministry of Health. The commercial agent would own the distribution rights of the appliances in the United Arab Emirates.

Requirements to Open a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

Requirements to Open a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai
  • Obtain permission for all the medical appliances from the Ministry of Health of the UAE Drug Registration and Control Department.
  • Fill out a request form, and have it stamped and signed by a renowned official in the company.
  • Issue a verified original certificate for a local setup, and provide authorization for the submission of registration files to the Drug Department and Distribution rights on their behalf.
  • Obtain a legal ISO certification from the relevant authority throughout the country of origin for every suite being utilized for the legal manufacturing procedure of medical equipment.
  • Present a company profile in detail.
  • Present a list of appliances assembled or manufactured by the side.
  • Obtain a valid manufacturing license from a competent official across the country of origin.
  • Once you have accomplished the process, the Ministry of Health of Dubai will give you a registration number with a validity of five years.

Documents Required for Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

Documents Required for Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

If you are looking to set up a medical equipment company in Dubai then you need to arrange a set of documents required for the process. The documents include –

  1. A duly filled application form was given by the Department of Economic Development to register your company in Dubai.
  2. Present an authorized certificate to the Ministry of Health to obtain the necessary permission for the importing of medical appliances.
  3. The Medical warehouse license granted by the Ministry of Health
  4. Valid business license of the warehouse
  5. Certificate of alliances minor variation
  6. Catalog, information, and pictures of every piece of equipment according to the invoice
  7. Certificate of product registration
  8. Certificate of free sale granted by the country of origin
  9. Certificate of good manufacturing
  10. Purchase invoice and involve the country of origin and dates of creation and expiration
  11. Certificate of equipment quality

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