Industrial License in Dubai

Dubai’s superior and comprehensive logistics and infrastructure facilitate industrial development. Being a trading center that connects East to West, Dubai also has a geographical benefit. If you are into industrial manufacturing and want to set up an industrial establishment in Dubai, UAE – this is a prerequisite for obtaining an industrial license. Obtaining an industrial license in Dubai facilitates manufacturing and industrial business to produce semi-manufactured or fully-manufactured goods. We at Start Any Business UAE will help you during the licensing process and save your precious time.

What Is An Industrial License 

The production or manufacture of goods and commodities in an industrial atmosphere or location needs a valid industrial license in Dubai. Production can be termed as a change from a raw state of raw materials to a final or refined state. Here raw materials are subjected to a framework or appearance-oriented changes and the final product can be either semi-fabricated or fully fabricated. The changes have to be made through manual or mechanical intervention. The activities that come under this license are: Manufacturing of textile, Petroleum products manufacturing, Metal casting, Paper production, Food production, Manufacture of equipment

The issuing of a license is done by the Department of Economic Development. When it comes to industrial license in Dubai, UAE, issuance licenses may require permissions and approvals from other external agencies and ministries. When a license is issued with validity in adherence to the specified terms and conditions at the time of issuance. Investors who are planning to establish an industry in Dubai must have a physical warehouse, and yes – it is a compulsory need.

Industrial License in Dubai

Process For Obtaining An Industrial License In Dubai

The procedure to apply for an industrial license is very simple and straightforward. 

  • You have to obtain initial approval from the Dubai authorities before opening a factory or making any changes to the existing factory.
  • Once you receive approval from them, then you are able to apply for an industrial license in Dubai to the Department of Economic Development. The DED would consider your application and make a decision within three months of receiving it.
  • If the application is approved, the department of economic development would give notification to you within fifteen days of the decision.
  • You have to get also consent from Municipality to construct the factory.
  • Other authorities that have to approve your license involves the chamber of commerce and Industry, Ministry of Health, Industrial register, etc.
  • You have to submit all the necessary documents as required by the relevant authorities
  • The approval or disapproval is complete within a week or two weeks.

Document Required For An Industrial License In Dubai

The documents required to obtain an industrial license are given below:

  • A report, which involves information regarding the factory, as the plan of the factory, cause and purpose of the factory opening, data about production equipment, productions capital and cost, as well as certain information about the factory financing methods. Other details may include data about employees and any other related information.
  • Copy of passport and residence for non-citizens
  • Feasibility study
  • Partnership agreement
  • Copy of balance sheet
  • Approval of National Media council
  • Approval from the Ministry of Health
  • Approval of Ministry of Environment and water
  • Approval of Ministry of Interior

These all the necessary documents that you need to prepare for an industrial license in Dubai. We at Start Any Business UAE will also help you with documentation.

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Advantages Of An Industrial License In Dubai

The advantages of an industrial license are mentioned below:

  • Modern industrial and Manufacturing infrastructure 
  • Accessibility to global customers
  • Invite more investments
  • Easy availability of working class
  • Availability of resource and manpower
  • No corporate taxes and income taxation for the money you make 
  • You can renew industrial trade licenses at an affordable cost
  • Zero tax when you do your business in free zones
  • Industrial license is cost-effective
  • Generate more business opportunities 
  • Safe and legal revenue transactions

How We Can Help You

Start Any Business UAE is a major business setup firm in Dubai, provides you the best and comprehensive range of services in Dubai. We have years of experience and deep knowledge of the Dubai market. We manage your whole process of obtaining a license. We provide a delightful licensing experience to our clients.

If you are looking for an industrial license in Dubai, then contact us today, we striving for your process of license as easy as possible and trouble-free. our professionals went through this process many times, we help you on every step to obtain your license approval in a shortage possible time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Industrial License in Dubai

To get an industrial license in Dubai, you must first choose an industrial activity and register your company with the Department of Economic Development (DED).

The cost of an industrial license in Dubai varies based on the type of activity and the size of the company, but it can range from AED 10,000 to AED 50,000.

To get an industrial license in UAE, you must follow a similar process, including choosing an industrial activity, registering your company, obtaining necessary approvals and documents, and paying the license fee.

Industries such as manufacturing, assembly, and repair typically require industrial licensing in Dubai.

The policy of industrial licensing in Dubai is to promote industrial growth and development in the region.

The validity of an industrial license in Dubai is usually one year and it must be renewed annually.

Certain industries, such as agriculture and fishing, do not require a license in Dubai.

The number of industrial licenses necessary for Dubai depends on the number of industrial activities a company intends to conduct. 

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