Tourism License in Dubai

Dubai has presented itself as one of the most visited cities in the world. Companies and establishments operating in the travel and tourism sector of Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates require a valid tourism license. Since Dubai is a thriving tourist destination, the demand for tourism licenses is increasing every year. Those who are planning to start a tourism business in Dubai they require to obtain a tourism license in Dubai. We at Start Any Business will help you throughout the licensing process and guide you properly.

Types Of Tourism License In Dubai

To start a tourism business in Dubai, you have to obtain a tourism license for this purpose. As per the activity of tourism business, there are three types of tourism license that available in Dubai, UAE. These are:

  • Tourism License For Outbound Tour Operator – This kind of license permits a company to organize outbound trips. This visa is helpful for businesses to work inside and also outside the country in travel and tourism. The outbound tour primarily helps people visiting other countries from UAE.
  • Tourism License For Inbound Tour Operator – This type of license permits license holders to organize inbound tourist trips for visitors. This license also permits the operator to organize global conferences and exhibitions.
  • Tourism License For A Travel Agent – This kind of license is for services agents who can open an agency. Holders of the license can sell air tickets outside the country and also offer visit visas to customers.

Process For Apply A Tourism License In Dubai

The authority to approve tourism licenses in Dubai is the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. These are steps that will help you to get a license:

  • First, you need to submit the name of the company to the department of economic development at the Tas’heel Center.
  • Obtain initial approval to form a company from the same department. The form can be filled in at any typing center, after which you will have to get signatures from all the participants and submit the form in the DED.
  • After the initial approval, the department of economic development would submit the form for the site inspection. Fill the form with proper office details, attach the location map, and submit the final documents along with the DED. Officers would come for inspection before issuing the license.
  • Type the LLC agreement from a legal translator and get the notary public verified. If the agreement is in Arabic, the legal translator’s seal is not required.
  • Next, all partners or attorneys have to attend the notary to sign the agreement of the court.
  • Prepare the tenancy agreement.
  • Submit all the necessary documents, pay at the counter and get your tourism license in Dubai.

Documents Required For Tourism License In Dubai

The documents that required for a tourism license are given below:

  • A filled application form offered by the authorities 
  • Copy of valid passports of the applicants
  • Certificate of professional qualification and work experience certificate of the manager
  • Owner’s clean criminal record certificate and certificate of good conduct of the owner
  • The study report of the economic and technical feasibility of the project
  • No Objection letter grant by the Civil Aviation Authority

These all the necessary documents that are required for obtaining a tourism license in Dubai. We will assist you during the process of paperwork.

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Advantage Of A Tourism License In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, has always had in high demand for tourism licenses in the region. The new regulations will have the following effect on tourism license:

  • The benefit of being an inbound or outbound tour operator and a travel agent under a license without any extra costs and bank guarantees.
  • Reduce the initial cost of the tourism license setup.
  • Will help empower the firm to work in the field of tourism within and outside the country.
  • Can organize the global conference and hold shows and exhibitions. 
  • Having a tourism license in Dubai, the firm can sell air tickets and also offer visit visas in the UAE.
  • Holding an inbound tourism license, the firm can offer accommodation, conduct guided/planned tours, and offer transport facilities to customers.
  • Dubai has always been in the limelight for its infrastructure and high standards of tourism attractions, has always strived to be the best hotspot for travel, and investors in a tourism license will always receive profit factors and support from government regulations.

 How We Can Help You

Start Any Business (SAB) is a leading business setup firm in Dubai. We provide you the best possible services to our clients. We have extensive experience in this sector. We have gone through this process many times.

Start Any Business (SAB)  provides services of tourism license in Dubai to help to establish tourism businesses in the country. We at Start Any Business assure you seamless tourism license services following all the essential steps for registration.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Tourism License in Dubai

The cost of a tourism license in Dubai varies depending on the type of business, but typically ranges from AED 7,500 to AED 15,000 per year.

To start a tourism company in UAE, you need to register your business with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and obtain a trade license. You may also need to obtain other licenses and certifications as required by the specific type of business.

To get a travel agency license in UAE, you will need to follow the same process as starting a tourism company. You may also need to provide proof of insurance and financial stability, as well as a detailed business plan.

To start a tourism business in Dubai, you need to register your business with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), obtain a trade license, and comply with other legal requirements such as obtaining visas for employees and securing insurance.

The validity of a tourism license in Dubai is typically one year and must be renewed annually.

Tourism certification refers to a recognition or endorsement by a government or industry body that a tourism business meets certain standards and criteria for quality, sustainability, and responsible tourism practices.

Benefits of tourism certification include increased credibility and recognition, access to marketing and promotional opportunities, and improved quality and sustainability of tourism products and services.

To start a small tourism business in Dubai, you will need to follow the same steps as starting a larger tourism company.

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