Hamriyah Free Zone Company Setup

Hamriyah Free zone authority was formed in 1995. This is situated in Sharjah, UAE that provided the free zone a remarkable strategic and geographic spot. Hamriyah free zone is rapidly moving towards becoming the mainstay of the UAE industrial development. This free zone is the next-era jurisdiction and its administration is adaptable and vibrant. Its liberal and reasonable business approaches make this free zone investor-oriented. If you want to setting up a company in Hamriyah from India, then we at Start Any Business UAE will assist you in this process and make it easier and faster.

Hamriyah free zone is challenged to offer unique opportunities for setting up a business in tax exempt conditions with competitive incentives and whole company ownership, exclusion from each business levy and repatriation of advantages and capital.

Hamriyah Free Zone Company Setup

Process for Hamriyah Free Zone Company Setup

1) Select Your Business Activity

The very thing you need to decide on is your commercial activity while forming a corporation in Hamriyah. The vital point is that your desired activities confirm to the official Economic Department list.

2) Select Company Name 

Then comes another critical phase, opting for the name of your corporation. There are several major points to remember at this stage – there are several that won’t apply elsewhere in the globe.

Make sure that you should comply with stringent traditions. Shortly, you have to avoid any unholy and abusive language. Avoid names of famous corporations and abbreviations when naming your corporation after yourself.

3) Apply for Business License

With the pleasantries over, we come to the very crucial phase – making an application for your business license. There are several kinds of business licenses that are obtainable. If your commercial activity comes under the manufacturing and industrial category, then you have to get an industrial license. If it comes in the commercial category, then obtain a commercial license.

Similarly, the people who deliver professional services will require to acquire a professional license. Whether making an application to build a corporation, you generally just need to give a few details and a few basic documents comprising – Duly application form, suggested owner’s passport copy, two colored photos.

4) Apply for Visa

You have to acquire a visa to serve in the nation. As well as the applying procedure for your own visa, you can also apply for your staff, which is crucial, and straightforward. An expert can support you in the process of forming a corporation. The process includes four single steps of all these checks, admission allowance, medical health testing, and visa stamp, status adjustment, and registration of Emirates ID. 

Document Required For Hamriyah Free Zone Company Setup

The documents that required for setting up a company in Hamriyah are mentioned below:

  • Copy of passport of shareholders and managers
  • Copy of incorporation certificate of the parent organization.
  • The parent company’s Memorandum of Association and Article of Association
  • Resolution of the board for extending a branch or associate in Hamriyah free zone, naming a hired director, manager, and approved signatory
  • Copies of the directors’ and managers’ visa 

These are the essential documents that you need to be prepare for company formation. Our experts at Start Any Business are able to complete the paperwork procedure.

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Benefits of Hamriyah Freezone Company Setup

  • Full ownership of the overseas corporation is permitted
  • Full tax exemption of import and export
  • Fully free from all the commercial levies
  • Capital and profits can be repatriated in full
  • 25 years lease unrestricted, extendable for the next 25 years.
  • No taxation on corporate and personal earnings
  • Access to international markets from a strategic location
  • Entrance to the market of UAE and GCC
  • Appealing investment motivations
  • Generous and reasonable energy
  • Extended infrastructure
  • Investment land for sale for business people growth
  • Purpose-built buildings for offices, warehouses, and factories.
  • Three seaports and an international airport
  • Advantageous low-cost residence situations
  • Low costs of labor

How We Can Help You

Start Any Business UAE the best business setup consultants in Dubai will help you throughout the procedure of Hamriyah company setup. Our skilled professional offers you the safest and quickest company setup solutions. This process has been repeated many times by our specialists. Our experts get your incorporation certificate, government approvals, and also help you in open a bank account. 

We at Start any Business UAE provides packages that comprise feasibility studies and legal advice. We serve you the best possible services to our clients. To find out more, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Hamriyah Free Zone Company Setup

The cost of setting up a business in the Hamriyah Free Zone depends on various factors, such as the type of business, office space requirements, and visa costs.

The current CEO of Hamriyah Free Zone is not publicly available information.

Companies may set up in Hamriyah Free Zone for benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and easy access to international markets.

For a Hamriyah company setup, interested parties should contact the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority and complete the necessary application and documentation process.

Companies may choose Hamriyah company setup due to its strategic location, competitive costs, and supportive business environment.

For a Hamriyah company setup, interested parties should contact the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, complete the necessary application 

To register for Hamriyah Free Zone, interested parties should contact the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority and complete the necessary application and documentation process.

A list of approved auditors in the Hamriyah Free Zone can be obtained from the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority.


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