Sharjah Company Setup

Sharjah is a prosperous economy, attracting abundant foreign investment. The Sharjah government recognizes the significance of business, manufacturing, and services fields in maintaining the economy of the country, and has formed policies that promote overseas investment. The company formation in Sharjah corresponds with the DED of Abu Dhabi with institutional help from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sharjah.

If you are interested in doing business and looking to understand the process of forming a company in Sharjah.

Then our professionals in India at Start Any Business UAE will properly guide you throughout the process.

company formation in sharjah

Setting Up A Company Formation In Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the safest cities in the globe with a plethora of affordable energy offerings with a modest rate of an associate degree. The economy is generous with competitive fee structures and property leasing rates. There is also the presence of exceptionally well-qualified and consummate people who are predominantly bilingual and economical. Moreover, there are a few reasons why an individual should select a company formation in Sharjah.

• The pro-business nature of Sharjah acknowledges the importance of business, manufacturing, and services fields in helping the economy of the country and thus has formulated procedures that spur overseas investment.

• The Emirate is a prosperous economy and one of every major award-worthy destinations attracting foreign investment.

• The trend of trade expansion in Sharjah remains positive as it emphasizes maintaining world economic relations and friendly trade relations with a large variety of nations around the world.

• Deposit facilities are planned in Sharjah where investors will collect the product for two months at no cost.

• Existence of different local and international banks, and an advanced contact method.

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Process Of Company Formation In Sharjah

The following procedures are required for business setup in Sharjah:

• First, you have to sign a rental contract and notarized Memorandum of Association.

• Process all the required documents to issue a payment voucher.

• You are required to complete all the licensing needs and make payment of the license fee to obtain a trade license.

• You need to obtain permission from the name board.

• you are required to make an application for an establishment certificate.

• You have to get approval for workers from the labor ministry.

• You have to get a visa stamp from the Department of Immigration.

• You require to choose the kind of financial activity your business would be comprised in.

• Choose the legal incorporation business type.

• The crucial part is you have to locate the local partner.

• You require to present the application of registering a company with the suggested company name to the Economic Department and drafted the MOA.

• You need to file all the essential documents of the company with the DED to acquire a business license through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

• company formation in Sharjah, you need to register a trading name for your company.

• Get initial approval

• You need to acquire approval for spot and assessment from the Municipality.

Documents Required For Company Formation In Sharjah

The following documents are necessary for company formation in Sharjah Media City:

• License form
• Approval from the Ministry of Economy
• Approval from other government entities
• Certified copy of the tenancy contract
• Certified No Objection Certificate, passport, visa, and residency copies of the shareholders
• Land map of ownership certificate copy
• Lease Agreement
• Legal affairs approval
• Partnership contract certified by the public notary
• National ID and family book copies
• Signboard
• Technical evaluation report
• Trade name certificate, as proof of trade name reservation

Benefits of Company Formation in Sharjah

The benefits you will get when business setup in Sharjah:

• Sharjah is a tax haven, meaning no corporate or income tax is levied on the companies.

• It has a 100 percent tax exemption for import and export and all commercial levies.

• This gives 100% capital and profit repatriation for overseas companies for business formation.

• 100 percent foreign company ownership is permitted in Sharjah.

• It presents attractive governmental incentives for investors.

• There are many foreign and local banks in Sharjah, with robust communication infrastructure.

• Sharjah facilitates warehousing where business people can freely collect goods for 2 months.

How We Can Help You

Start Any Business UAE offers a platform for company formation in Sharjah Media City. Our qualified professionals have ample experience in this field with local specialization. Our experts can make the procedure smooth and trouble-free. All-around sector experience and understanding of rules help us to look after the visa, passport, and license prerequisites of our respective clients and be sure that their work is done seamlessly and easily without unneeded bureaucratic obstacles. Learn more by contacting us today

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Company Formation in Sharjah

What is the cost of starting a company in Sharjah?

To open a company in Sharjah which is a popular Sharjah free zone fees are around INR 5,08,670. Whereas Sharjah Airport International free zone business establishment costs about INR 7,12,140.

How can I establish a corporation in Sharjah?

Starting a business in Sharjah is a bit difficult but no need to worry as Start Any Business UAE professionals can able to make your setup process easy and efficient without any kind of obstacles.

How many directors are required for setting up a business in Sharjah?

For establishing a company or business in Sharjah at least one director is necessary. This is not necessary for the director to be a Sharjah national.

What is the money demanded to launch a corporation in Sharjah?

The lowest share capital needed to start a company in Sharjah is around INR 10,17,343 per company. In order to grant a general trading license for a company, this must need around AED 1 million in share capital.

How overseas nationals can form a venture in Sharjah?

Starting a business in Sharjah is simple but some documentation process seems daunting with the help of Start Any Business UAE consultants can help you in the process of business setup in Sharjah and make it easy.

Is a shareholder required to register a company in Sharjah?

Yes, shareholders are necessary to register their company in Sharjah. At least one shareholder is needed to form a business in Sharjah.

How long does Sharjah company incorporation take?

If you have prepared all the necessary documents and approvals in a proper manner then company incorporation in Sharjah takes around three weeks to complete the entire procedure.

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