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Dubai has long been a welcoming and attractive business ambiance for entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. It provides a comprehensive range of business opportunities to overseas investors from every corner of the world. However, there are also certain obstacles when starting a business in Dubai. A common concern is the law of partnership in Dubai, UAE. Based on the UAE commercial code, the investors are required to have a UAE business partner to establish their company in Dubai, UAE from India. 

A business partner is a corporate unit wholly owned by the United Arab Emirates citizens and involves a board of directors. One of the important foundations of starting a business in Dubai and other emirates of UAE is to partner with the citizen of the UAE, also known as a business partner. To be regulated in according to the law of the UAE commercial companies, you need a local sponsorship in UAE. 

UAE business partner

The profit and the revenue earned by the foreign company not required to be shared with the business partner. Business partners are indispensable for a wider range of enterprises belonging to the trading and commercial business category.

Who Require A UAE Business Partner

If you want to establish a limited liability company then you require a UAE citizen as a business partners in Dubai as per the law. The mainland companies that come in limited liability company framework are must have a business partner in the UAE. Business like advertising, contracting, technical services, general trading, real estate, textile businesses, cosmetic businesses, manufacturing and industrial licenses, cleaning equipment, electronic industries, etc. need a business partner in Dubai, UAE.

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Advantages Of A UAE Business Partner

A business partner is a valuable asset to businesses, and often the right business partnership can help a business achieve diverse levels of development. Some key benefits of having business partners in Dubai are:

  • Business growth through their network
  • Ability to bid for major tenders or commercial deals
  • Great rapport with major people
  • Direct and authentic details source for crucial government reports.
  • Accessibility to big conference, seminar, and meeting.
  • Ability to enter crucial business councils or business groups 
  • More visibility in the media through a UAE business partner
  • Your corporation builds trust in the minds of other corporations
  • Local market experience and expertise

Things To Consider While Finding A Business Partners in Dubai

The business partner can be easily found in Dubai and another emirate in the UAE and the current boom of overseas businesses is one of the key reasons behind it. Being a business partner means that the sponsor can receive a passive income from being listed as a business partner in the documents. The business partner does not participate in the actual business proceedings and gets a fixed amount annually. They do not have any stake in the profits of the business and are just silent business partners.

This whole scenario also serves as a double-edged sword. As more and more people want to set up their businesses in attractive UAE markets, sponsorship-related offenses are also coming to an end. Therefore, we recommend that a few things are kept in mind before selecting a UAE business partner.

  • What are the various governmental departments regulating the sponsorship as far as your business capabilities and functionalities are concerned? There are various government bodies, like Dubai Municipality, ADNOC, and Department of Economic Development, etc. that regulate the different aspects of a business.
  • Whether you want your business partner to be a silent partner with a fixed or incremental fee or you wish to have a business partner as an actual business investor.
  • Is your business partner a corporate service provider or an individual
  • What happens to the business partner’s role in an event of business acquisition or succession

These are some of the very crucial things that you should have to keep in mind regarding the UAE business partner. If you are unable to do it yourself then we at SAB are here to assist you during the process.

How We Can Help You

Start Any Business UAE earned a great reputation as the best business setup consultants in Dubai. We are the best business setup services provider that will protect your partnership. We make sure that your company or business is completely yours and only you can enjoy all the profits. We make a sure trusted partnership, that is documented on your terms as well as offers you 100% ownership in the company. 

If you are wondering to establish a business in Dubai then you can contact us we will help you to find a UAE business partner for you.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on UAE Business Partner

Businesses looking to expand their operations or enter the UAE market may need a local business partner in Dubai to navigate the business environment and cultural differences.

Top trading partners of the UAE include India, China, the US, and Saudi Arabia.

To find the right business partner in UAE, it is important to consider factors such as compatibility, skills, and market knowledge.

Finding a business partner in Dubai for online advertising can be done through networking, attending industry events, and using online resources such as LinkedIn.

Hiring a UAE business partner can bring benefits such as local knowledge, access to local networks, and assistance in navigating regulations.

A corporate business partner in UAE is a company that offers assistance with business formation, immigration, and other business-related services.

A business partner in UAE is an individual or company that joins forces with another business to achieve a common goal, such as entering a new market or launching a new product.

Benefits of a business partner in UAE include shared risk, access to additional resources, and the ability to pool expertise and knowledge.

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