Business License in Dubai

As we know Dubai is an amazing commercial hub in the world. Lots of entrepreneurs and investors want to work here. But starting a business can be a difficult task because it demands hard work and diligence. Everything needs to be mapped before starting an enterprise, from office setup to after-sales services. However, the very crucial aspect is to obtain a business license in Dubai to conduct business legally. We at Start Any Business UAE will help you during the licensing process, and complete your task in a timely manner.

Types Of Business License In Dubai

Having a base in Dubai not only provides companies the opportunity to set up a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates, but it may also be an effective launchpad for moving to different markets in the MENA region. Although, before starting operations, companies must first apply for a business license in Dubai.

Business License In Dubai
  • Commercial Business License – Commercial licenses are required for the general trading business and the businesses involved in contracting. This license permits UAE-based companies to operate the business in the country as well as outside the country. Companies that require commercial license in Dubai include real estate, transportation, healthcare, media, publishing, spare parts, oil and gas, chemicals, automobiles, gold and precious metals, safety equipment, and more.
  • Professional Business License – Any company or individual that sets targets to make a profit by using the individual’s intellectual capacity needs a professional license in Dubai to start operations. In case the company is owned by more than one person, the company is registered as a civil works company. Businesses usually require a professional license in Dubai involve those included in insurance, IT and IT infrastructure, consultancy services, computers, tax, environmental activities, management, or marketing.
  • Industrial Business License – Industrial business licenses are demanded by manufacturing organizations to operate. Companies applying for this license must have a physical or brick-and-mortar office in the United Arab Emirates. Large-scale manufacturers like dairy products, meat products, animal and bird feed, carpets, and other similar businesses usually apply for an industrial license in Dubai.
  • Tourism License – Tourism license in Dubai is issued to individuals and businesses who provide travel and tourism-related services. Since Dubai is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates, this license is the most commonly used license by businessmen. They are provided to the business owners that offer services like hotel renting, cruise boat rental, tourist camps, guest houses, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

Where To Apply For A Business License In Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is the government body in charge of issuing business licenses to businesses from the rest of the world. If it comes to free zones, the business license is provided by the relevant free zone jurisdiction. The same can be said for anyone in the onshore business sector. You must apply for a trade authorization with the DED if you choose to conduct business in Dubai onshore or on the mainland.

The authorizing procedure involves a variety of documents and documentation, and it can other regulatory bodies. Obtaining a trade license in Dubai will take from three days to many weeks. The length of time it takes to obtain a trade license is determined by your commercial conduct, the permits you need from regulatory and non-governmental agencies, and other factors.

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What Is The Requirement For Obtaining A Business License In Dubai

Before operating any business in Dubai, it is first important to follow the steps given below to complete the legal requirements of all relevant government authorities and to guarantee maximum business profit for the business owner.

  • Designate the category in which the business falls – commercial professional and industrial.
  • Determine all the related business activities be included within every business license.
  • Decide on the proper legal status of your business in the UAE.
  • Choose an appropriate trading name for your business.
  • Submit an application to the department for initial approval.
  • Lease business premises and get approval from the authority.
  • Prepare all necessary documents
  • Submit another application to the department to get the final license.
  • Please pay the required fees.

Required Documents For A Business License In Dubai

The basic documents that required for obtaining a business license in Dubai are given below:

  • Duly filled application form
  • The master plan of your business activity
  • Copy of passport of every shareholder associated with your business legally.
  • Certificate of reference from the bank or two years financial statements
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your sponsor
  • Letter of intent
  • Notarized copy of registry identification form
  • Passport size photograph of the manager or the director
  • Details of share capital

These all the necessary documents that you should be prepared for a business license in Dubai. We at SAB also help you with the documentation work.

For more details, you can contact Start Any Business UAE. Our professionals will surely help you during the process. Our experts have years of experience in this sector. Our blend of comprehensive services will absolutely delight you. If you are interested then contact us.

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