How To Get Import Export Business License in Dubai

Import and export business activities were carried in Dubai. Among the several business options available, the import-export business is one of the prominent businesses in Dubai. If you are looking to start such a business and want to know how to get import export business license in Dubai as a business license is a very important document for conducting a business. To avail of this, you can consult with the Start Any Business UAE consultants in Dubai who will surely help you throughout the entire procedure and make it successful in a short possible time.

The advanced infrastructure, the geographic location of the United Arab Emirates makes it very famous for the import and export business. The government of Dubai has launched several incentives to provide support to import and export businesses and one of them is services that companies can utilize to operate in a more efficient manner. Here we mentioned a little guide on how you can obtain an import and export business license and what you require for it.

Import Export Business License in Dubai 

Import Export Business License in Dubai

To begin the Dubai import and export business, this is crucial that you obtain the necessary license from the relevant authorities. The process of getting an import and export business license is quite easy and can also be completed online. If you are exporting and importing any product falling under the restricted and special category, a particular license requires to be acquired by the customs office.

Import and export businesses obtain a license that clears the business process that is intended to do. The import license is needed to buy goods from outside the UAE, whereas an export license is needed when you want to trade locally produced goods and provide them outside the UAE. in addition, to obtaining the necessary license, you have to register with the customs office of the United Arab Emirates.

The Process to Get Import Export Business License in Dubai 

Import License 

With the help of an import license in Dubai, this is possible to get goods from other nations or the free zones or mainland of the UAE by completing the legal requirements of documents and license and approval of the country. This license would allow you to become an importer, this involves the issuance of a legal business license from the licensing authority of the UAE.

Process for Import License 

  • You need to submit the landing bill and pay the amount due to the shipping agent once the ships arrive.
  • The cargo clearance features must be met prior to the delivery order expiration date. The shipping agent would issue the delivery order three-four days before the ship arrives.
  • Dubai customs would certify the documents and can supervise the commodities prior to giving possession of cargo to the importer.
  • After the discharging of the container, the importer can hire a transport company to get the delivery of goods.

Export License 

In economic terms, an export is any commodity that is legally moved from one nation to another, usually for utilize in trade. Now, to begin this business in Dubai, you require to have a sanctioned license from the Ministry. An export license in Dubai is needed when you wish to trade in legally produced goods and services in another nation or in the UAE free zones.

Process for Export License 

  • You need to submit all the necessary documents to the customs office
  • The declaration fee of registration for export should be paid to the customs office
  • The certificate of customs declaration is issued by the office.

Documents Required for the Import Export License in Dubai 

The documents required for import export business license in Dubai are mentioned below:

  • An application of company registration
  • Notarize the Memorandum of Association
  • Passport
  • Bank statements of the current three months
  • Pay the necessary charges
  • An invoice reporting value, weight, and goods information
  • Origin certificate
  • Import permit if goods come under the particular category

Cost of Import Export Business License in Dubai 

There are a few other factors to consider the cost of import and export business license in Dubai. The first is the charges of your trade license. In case you are importing commodities to sell in the local market, you also require to consider tax. Any commodities that go for sale from the free zone to the local market are subject to a duty of 5%. (Although it may be higher on some products).

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