KIZAD Free Zone Company Setup

The Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi is located in the capital emirate of the United Arab Emirates, is not only recognized as an administrative hub but also as a highly professional industry landscape. With excellent connectivity between Europe, Africa, and Asia, Abu Dhabi offers easy and trusted connections to modern transport networks around the world. Lots of businessmen want to establish their company here. If you are also interested in KIZAD free zone company Setup from India, then we at Start Any Business UAE are able to make this process easy, reliable, and successful.

Available multi-model networking is just one of the value-adds KIZAD provides to your enterprise. The chance to start operations lets you go to business right away, without needing to worry about designing the infrastructure to support it. 

KIZAD Free Zone Company Setup

Through its advanced clustering strategy, the world-class infrastructure of KIZAD free zone offers the business the essential internal transport and service network and opportunities. KIZAD creates demand through integrated service providing covering steel, paper, and packaging, metal components, for processing, automotive spare parts, pharmacy and healthcare, and manufacturing at its core. 

Process For KIZAD Free Zone Company Setup

It is considerably easy to set up a company in KIZAD. Minimum documentation and minimum period are required by the free zone authorities. Here are the major steps:

1) Determine The Type Of Legal Entity – The first step you will require is to determine the sort of legal entity that your organization will consider. You can set up one of the two forms of businesses, first, the limited liability company can be owned by a corporate and an individual, and the second is, the branch company that has a valid registration and license outside Khalifa Port FTZ can apply for the formation of a branch company.

2) Select A Trading Name – You have to select a name while you decide the form of the legal entity that your corporation will take. In some situations, you can search trade names that are approved and whether the expected name has already been licensed within the respective free zone authority and the DED.

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In general, for DED to approve the trade name, the major needs are:

  • Must not violate the public morals or the public order of the country
  • Should to followed by the legal form of the company
  • Has not been previously registered
  • Is compatible with the required type of activity and legal position
  • Should not contain names of any religion, or governing authority, nor names or logos of any external bodies.

3) Apply For A Business License – You will have to formally register the business by submitting your application. The actual documents for your company in KIZAD would depend on the type of license you applying for and which location you have selected. There are three main license forms that are valid in KIZAD that are: Industrial license, Trade License or General trading license, and Service license

4) Select An Office Space – You will need an office space for setting up a company in KIZAD. You can buy and lease office space. Office needs based on the number of employees and type of business activity of your company. Some business activities are allowed in KIZAD:

  • Consultancy
  • Assembly
  • Logistics
  • Import/Export
  • Manufacturing 
  • Cargo and Freight Forwarding, etc. 

Document Required For KIZAD Free Zone Company Setup

  • Copy of passport
  • Current visa
  • NOC from the sponsor
  • Educational qualification certificate

Benefits Of KIZAD Free Zone Company Setup

KIZAD makes capable companies take benefit of its strategic status, convenient access to regional markets, low costs of operating, world-class infrastructure, and efficient support services for investors to stimulus business progress and development. Some other benefits of setting up a company in KIZAD are:

  • Tax-free and competitive operating atmosphere
  • 0% export tax with customs exemptions on joint venture companies, 
  • The dual licensing regime with no requirement to have a separate physical space, and no requirement for a local service agent.
  • Outstanding strategic location with accessibility to regional and international markets
  • 100% business ownership and capital repatriation 
  • KIZAD provides pre-built warehouses and offices along with light units and land for development.

How We Can Help You

Start Any Business UAE is a leading business setup consultancy that provides delightful services to clients. We have a team of experts who have a piece of knowledge in details about the UAE market. We will help you during the process of setting up a company in KIZAD. We will complete this process in a possible short time. 

We will handle your license application and visa process and will correspond to the appropriate authorities for you. if you any concerns about the latest offers at KIZAD, please feel free to contact us, we will enable you to achieve the complete advantages of the KIZAD business.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on KIZAD Free Zone Company Setup

KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi) is owned by Abu Dhabi Ports, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi government-owned holding company Abu Dhabi Investment Council.

KIZAD stands for Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi and is owned by Abu Dhabi Ports, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi government-owned holding company Abu Dhabi Investment Council. 

There are numerous companies operating within KIZAD, covering a range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, and others.

KIZAD is a large industrial zone located approximately 40 km from Abu Dhabi city.

The full form of KIZAD is Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi.

The total area of KIZAD is over 480 sq km, making it one of the largest industrial zones in the world.

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