How To Open LLC Company In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most prosperous and cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East, combining the elements of both the East and the West. It is one of the most favorable business destinations in the world. If you are a new entrepreneur and want to know how to open LLC company in Dubai.

In order to understand this vital business structure, you need a compact guide to LLC company formation. Here we mentioned a few factors that you should know before starting the process of company setup.

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What is LLC Stand for?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. As the name suggests, a Limited Liability Company is a type of structure where members of the company are not personally liable for any loss. Instead, the company is responsible as per its capital share.

This type of company structure has some features of a corporation and others like that of a partnership. We can say that an LLC is in between a corporation and a partnership company and provides benefits for both these entities.

LLC is a relatively newer concept that has been in use since 1977. It gained popularity in recent decades. The main reason behind the recent popularity of LLC business structure among entrepreneurs is that it is approaching many matters of entrepreneurs with providing many advantages that are either unique or also available in different types of business structures.

Steps to Setup LLC Company in Dubai

LLC is an important type of business framework and the procedure is lengthy and comprehensive. Investors interested in an LLC set up in Dubai have to contact different departments and submit a number of documents for this purpose.

The following are vital steps that are required to carry out the entire procedure, it will help you get an idea about how to create an LLC company in Dubai.

  • Select the Business Activity: When choosing a business activity for your entrepreneurial venture, keep in mind the practicality of the chosen activity in relation to the market. Do thorough research on the feasibility and profitability of the activity before you decide to start a business in Dubai, UAE.
  • Select the Right Jurisdiction: The market of the UAE is divided into different economic zones – Mainland, free zone, and offshore. These economic zones are also called jurisdictions. Every jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations pertaining to business setup. They also cater to different business requirements. Choosing a jurisdiction for your business based on your business needs and your business activity.
  • Finalize the Company Structure/ Legal Form: Selecting the legal form for your company is a vital decision when starting a business in Dubai. It sets the tone and structure for dealing with losses and profits and how you should organize your resources and assets. Decide on the legal form or your company structure throughout the starting phases of planning. This would help offer a layout for your company. You can’t apply for your business license unless you decide on the legal form of your company.
  • Get Approval for your Company Name and Activity: The Department of Economic Development should approve the trade name for your company before you can move ahead and start the procedure of your company setup in Dubai, UAE. Along with your company name, your selected business activity also goes through approval throughout this phase. Once you get the approvals you would need to submit documents to apply for your trade license in Dubai.
  • Register Your Company: Company registration and licensing is a simultaneous procedure. Although, the whole procedure of documentation and approvals goes through various phases. In this step, you would need the approvals from concerned government authorities as requested by the Department of Economic Development. The documents needed are different for each company type and activity.

Documents Required for LLC company in Dubai

Following are the documents that are required for an LLC company to set up in Dubai. All these documents should be submitted to their respective departments.

  • Duly filled registration application form
  • Passport copies of all the shareholders and managers of the company
  • Passport copy of the sponsor
  • NOC from sponsor
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Registration of trade name and initial approval from DED
  • Location plan and tenancy contract by Dubai Municipality’s Planning Department
  • Bank reference letter for each shareholder

Advantages of open LLC Company in Dubai

  • A minimum 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders are permitted
  • You can obtain an unlimited number of visas without any restriction
  • Real estate ownership is permitted
  • LLC can conduct any commercial or industrial activity
  • Establishing an LLC permits company owners to benefit from the entire UAE market. these companies can directly trade with the entire UAE market
  • You can easily open Global/corporate bank accounts on the basis of LLC

Why Start Any Business

Start Any Business is a leading business setup consultancy in Dubai, UAE. we are well known for product registration, visa services, and the formation of all types of companies in Dubai and the UAE. We are experts in LLC formation in Dubai. Due to our experience, we can assure you in handling all your official and legal matters successfully and conveniently.

Handing over the job of the LLC company set up in Dubai to us will provide you satisfaction and quick approval from all government departments.

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