How To Start an Event Management Company in Dubai

The event management industry is booming all over the globe. The UAE and especially in Dubai is stated to be one of the world’s events capitals. The sector brings great investment in the UAE, which is why it allures a lot of investors.

If you are also interested and want to know how to start an event management company in Dubai then you can consult with the best business setup consultants at Start Any Business UAE.

They will properly guide you and provide you assistance and make your business successful. Here we mentioned a few things that are important to know for setting up an event management business that will help you understand the procedure.

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Dubai is a beautiful location and here is a huge opportunity to begin an event management company in Dubai. There are a variety of events ranging from festivities to team-making sessions, from training sessions to rock concerts. The event management company in Dubai includes complete consultation, research, arrangements, and plans.

The manager of even a company begins making plans by booking an event at a particular place. Then they manage further, including drink and food, audio-visual requirements, social and tourism events, entertainment, overnight accommodations for guests, and other support services.

The Process of Starting an Event Management Company in Dubai

The Process of Starting an Event Management Company in Dubai

Here is the complete process that you need to follow to start an event management company in Dubai.

1. Applying for Your Event Management License

While this is certainly possible to apply for a business license to operate any activities related to the event, most business people select to apply for an event management license that covers these activities. Once you have established the activity of your business, you would require to decide where you wish to establish your business. – In the free zone or on the mainland. Both have their own set of rules and benefits. For instance, overseas entrepreneurs establishing in a free zone don’t need a local sponsor to conduct business in Dubai or UAE and are permitted 100% ownership of the company.

Although, businesses in the free zone are restricted to where they can manage exhibitions and events. Businesses established in a free zone should apply for a permit from every location where they operate and can’t manage events in public places like parks or beaches. Meanwhile, mainland businesses just require to apply at once to the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) and then can manage events usually anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

2. Easy Setup Process

Whether you decided to establish your event management business in Dubai free zone or on the mainland, then the process of setting up a business is extremely simple and easy. If you want to establish yourself in a free zone, then the first thing you need to do is find one that complements your business. there are many free zones in the emirate which are home to event management companies already and hence can make the ideal center. When you have decided on a free zone, you can get began. In many situations, it means sending the form of application with other necessary documents like visa, and passport copies to the respective free zone authority.

While you decided to establish on the Dubai mainland, the procedure is the same. Although, instead of applying to a free zone authority, you can directly apply to the Department of Economic Development which typically procedure application in 90 days.

Starting an Event Management Company in Dubai

3. Multiple Visa Options

The flexible visa choices offered by event management licenses are another key aspect of their popularity. Not just can entrepreneurs get their own visa but they have a choice also to apply for more as their business develops and change the requirements. Necessarily, the owner of the event management business can apply for multiple visas.

4. Office Space Requirements

Whether or you do not need office space would depend on where established your business. There is often no need to take up office space if you have chosen to establish in the free zone, although you definitely can if you want. Here in Dubai, there are many kinds of offices available, from complete services to shells that need complete decorations and fittings. The option you select would be depending on the activities and budget of your business.

5. Easy to Arrange your Corporate Bank Account

Once you have your event management license, opening your corporate bank account is easy and quick. If you have set up your business in the free zone, the concerned authorities are ready to suggest the best bank suited to your requirements – and may even organize branch meetings for your if you want. For the people who are established on the mainland, a company setup professional can offer similar services. Or alternatively, you can approach any international or local bank of your choice.

Event Management Company in Dubai

If you looking to start an event management company in Dubai then this above-mentioned process will surely help you. for more information, you can contact Start Any Business UAE consultants who will assist you in this entire procedure.

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