How To Get Dubai Business Visa From India

A business visa is a part of the golden visa system under which overseas can get a long-term visa for their dependents and themselves. A qualified entrepreneur is someone who has established their own at a certain point in their career and wants to do it again in the United Arab Emirates. If you are looking to get a Dubai Business Visa from India then you need to get in touch with the best business setup consultants at Start Any Business UAE. They will provide you with complete guidance and assistance on obtaining a business visa in Dubai. They will easily complete this procedure in a timely manner and save your valuable time.

The Dubai business visa provides a good number of advantages. The major objective of this visa is to create an attractive atmosphere for business in Dubai. If you want to do business in Dubai, then you have a little knowledge regarding the process of obtaining a business visa in Dubai. Even people who come to Dubai on holidays or to explore Dubai as tourists are often attracted to the wonderful business possibilities.

Types of Dubai Business Visa

There are many types of Dubai business visa that you should know that are:

1. 48-Hour Business Visa

This business visa in Dubai is valid only for 48 hours. Avail of this business visa, if you are keen to travel to the United Arab Emirates and want to stay here for one day. The business visa is valid for just a tenure of 30 days from the date of issue.

2. 96-Hour Business Visa

If you want to visit Dubai for a duration of four days or less, then this visa can best for you. This business visa is most preferred by those who come to Dubai for the purpose of business. This business visa validity for a tenure of 30 days from the date of issue.

3. Single Entry Short-Term Visa

This business visa validity is available for 14 days and cannot be extended. If you wish to visit to Dubai for a trip then you should take advantage of this business visa. this can be for holidays, conferences, business matters, and more. Single entry short-term Dubai business visa can be around INR 5,000 to 8,000.

4. 30 Days Single Entry Short-Term Visa

This business visa for a tenure of 58 days from the date of receipt. If you have this business visa, you can stay in Dubai for 30 days in a row. Don’t forget to specify that the business visa is cannot be extended. This Dubai Business visa can be approximately INR 7,000 to 10,000.

5. 90 Days Visit Visa

If you get 90 days Dubai visit visa, then you can stay in Dubai for a longer duration. This business visa validity is available for 90 days period. This is most preferred for those coming to Dubai for trade training. The cost of a Dubai business visa for 90 days is around INR 15,000 to 20,000.

6. 90 Days Multi-Entry Long Term Visa

You can get this business visa for a long stay in Dubai. Holders of this visa can stay in Dubai multiple times for a tenure of 90 days from the first visit. The cost of this Dubai business visa is around INR 34,000.

7. Multi-Entry Short Term Visa

This visa cannot be extended. You can enter Dubai for multiple times within the valid period of this visa. This visa validity is for 58 days and you can utilize it to stay in Dubai for 30 days from the first visit. A multiple-entry visa can’t be revoked once it has been used.

8. Dubai Business Visa Fees

One of the best benefits of selecting visa consultants such as Start Any Business UAE is that we provide instant and complete cashback on your Dubai business visa fee. The cost of a Dubai business visa is depending on the type of visa you choose. This is saying, after your registration with our consultants once you choose a special business visa type, we will provide you the best services as much as possible. We complete guide you on the cost of a business visa in Dubai.

Dubai Business Visa Requirements

To get the Dubai business visa, this is vital to complete the visa requirement that are:
• Passport
• Two-color photographs
• Cover letter
• Proof of hotel reservation
• Income tax return
• Invitation letter (issued by host company)

Dubai Business Visa Validity

If you want to visit Dubai for the purposes of Business matters, then you can choose a business visa based on your requirements to stay in Dubai. The validity of your Dubai business visa is depending on your plan and the type of visa you have selected. This can be for 30 days, 90 days, multiple schemes, and more.

Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Business Visa

The eligibility criteria that you need to complete for taking a Dubai business visa are:

  • You should have a business idea that you want to operate in Dubai on a large scale.
  • To begin a business in Dubai, you should have an intention to reside in Dubai.
  • You should be capable to prove that you have entrepreneurial experience.
  • You should be part of the main stakeholder and leadership team in a startup.

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