How Many Types of Licenses Are There in Dubai?

Dubai is a center of prospects for entrepreneurs and startups. The economic diversification of the emirate comes from its strategic spot in the Middle East sector, and so allures overseas business people. But without a business license, no business can run here. So, in case you want to initiate a trade business in the emirate, then you need to get a Commercial License In Dubai. Depending on the business nature, every corporation would have a respective business license.

Here Know the Different Types of Business Licenses in Dubai 

Commercial License 

A commercial license in Dubai – the most wide-utilized license in the emirate is granted to corporations included in commercial activities and business in the country. Your business activity like general trading can include import & export, and trading permitted goods and commodities.

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Other instances of activities under this kind of business license are food and beverages trading, leather items, and handbags trading, and auto appliances trading. Business setup consultants at Start Any Business UAE can give you the most updated list of business activities under this license.

Industrial License 

Any business that involves the production and manufacturing of new products from concerting natural resources is deemed an industrial activity. The final product can stand generated manually or mechanically. Hence, an Industrial License In Dubai from DED is needed. This is also kept in mind that all corporations with this kind of license should have a physical warehouse in the nation. In case you require complete help in getting an industrial license.

Professional license 

In case you are a proficient professional with a particular sector of specialization, you can begin a venture in the emirate by getting a professional license in Dubai from the economic department. A professional license is issued to corporations that are service-focused and make benefits out of the services they provide.

Business activities that fall into this group are management services, technical services, consulting services, medical services, education providers, printing, publishing, and more. There are examples of when business activity is deemed professional and commercial. So, to bypass confusion, this is a better idea to consult with a business formation professional.

Tourism License 

The tourism business license granted by the economic department is very simple. All businesses related to tourism activities require to make an application for a tourism license in Dubai such as holiday home rental, inbound & outbound operators, hotel apartment rental, and more. The score of travelers in the emirate alone has dramatically enhanced year by year, making travel and tourism one of the quickest industries in the country today.

Agriculture License 

This applies to other emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Those that are included with activities like cultivation and harvesting of crops, installation of commercial greenhouses, trading of pesticides, farming, and other botanical-related activities are to procedure an agriculture license. The application needs to stand sanctioned by government officials before working on any related activity involving the provision of agriculture consultancy.

Craftsmanship License 

The license is required by people that are giving plumbing, carpentry, and electrical services amongst others. In case a venture employs craftsmen in working for them, they are to check the service providers of a legal business license. This is not legal to venture into the country to work in any economic activity without holding the right license.


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