How To Get a Technical Service License in Dubai

A technical services license is a kind of commercial license that is explicitly intended for commercial activities like painting, plumbing, concrete works, and more. Dubai’s strategic spot in the globe, linking itself to European and Asian markets, makes it a great location to begin technical services business. Hence, if you looking for how to get a technical service license in Dubai then, there are several factors to consider.

The first is to find a local sponsor. By law, a local sponsor can own up to 51% of shares in the business while the rest would go to the owner of the business. Here we mentioned a little guide on getting a technical services license in Dubai.

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Technical Service License in Dubai Mainland 

Technical Service License in Dubai Mainland 

The UAE permits 100% ownership in Dubai mainland; hence you can have complete charge of your business. Dubai mainland always has been a big market for technical services Dubai. Start Any Business UAE can help you in the entire procedure of getting a technical service license in Dubai mainland.

Department of Economic Development is the major authority regulating the whole process of license. Hence, this is suggestable to examine with them. If you are a newcomer, then business setup consultants will provide you assistance from the very start to end. Furthermore, there are many perks to setting up a technical services license.

Technical Service License in Dubai Free Zone 

Technical Service License in Dubai Free Zone 

The free zone is also a great location to start a technical service company in Dubai. One of the major reasons why business people are allured to the free zone is as they receive 100% ownership of the business. Setting up a company in Dubai free zone can provide you with a comprehensive range of advantages. Furthermore, there are zero tax exemptions.

The Process to Get a Technical Services License in Dubai 

The Process to Get a Technical Services License in Dubai 

The major thing that you will have to do is to engage a business setup consultant. An expert would handle your application process on your behalf. This assures you that your application is in reliable hands and would be processed in a timely manner. When you appoint a business setup professional, you can receive your technical service license in Dubai only in three steps.

1. Decide on the Target Area Free zone or Mainland 

One of the most important decisions is whether to open it on the mainland or free zone. There are several advantages associated with both. Setting up a company in Dubai mainland permits you to provide your services throughout the United Arab Emirates. This would make you capable to take up also government projects.

On the other hand, the free zone provides you cheapest package of licenses and many other advantages. Free zone provides you with an easy and fast establishment procedure. This would also permit you certain financial incentives like tax exemptions and no restrictions on the currency.

The choice of mainland or free zone would be based on the nature of your business. But do not worry about this because we would provide you with suggestions on the most suitable choice for your specific needs.

2. Choose a Company Name 

The next phase in the formation of a company is to select an appropriate name for your company. There are some factors that you will have to remember while choosing a company name. You should have to adhere to the strict rule that is prescribed for naming conventions. The business setup consultants can assist completely in this phase.

In short, you will have to avoid any offensive and violent language. You require to escape the names of popular groups. You are also required to avoid acronyms if you name your company after yourself. But keep in mind that your name selection is directed to availability.

3. Making Your Technical Service License Application 

The final phase of the procedure is making your application for a technical service license in Dubai. In case you are going to establish your company in Dubai mainland then, you can submit your license application directly to the Department of Economic Development. If your choice is to establish in the free zone then, you need to apply to the relevant authority. In both cases, we as business setup service providers can handle this procedure easily on your behalf.

The Cost of Technical Service License in Dubai 

The Cost of Technical Service License in Dubai 

The coat of technical service license in Dubai is based on the account completely. When you apply to the DED, you would require to apply for additional fees. Furthermore, the cost of technical services is different based on the kind of technical services business you are establishing.

Although, if you possess a limited budget, you need to consider beginning a business in the free zone. The Dubai free zone is affordable and makes sure that a smooth auditing procedure. Furthermore, according to laws, you do not require to be in the UAE when you establish a company. Although, you would require to be present to complete all the necessary procedures of documentation.

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