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Complete Guide on Business License in Dubai

License in Dubai

Dubai is recognized as the financial hub of the Middle East, with notable advancements in the finance, industrial, trade, and logistics sectors in the past two decades. These sectors play a vital part in the international economy. Obtaining a business…

Industrial License in Dubai and the UAE

Industrial License

Dubai and the UAE are quickly becoming hotspots for industrial growth and development. As more and more businesses look to establish themselves in the region, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the necessary licenses and permits required to…

Who Needs a Professional License in Dubai?

Professional License in Dubai

A professional license in Dubai is required by individuals or companies with skills. These units desire to run commercial activities utilizing their profession or skills. The Economic Department of Dubai gives several business licenses based on the kind of company.…

How to Get an HR Consultancy License in Dubai


In order to operate an HR consultancy, you will have to acquire a professional license in Dubai. many small and medium enterprises in Dubai outsource their hiring needs to HR consultancies because of a shortage of resources, which means forming…

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