How to Get Tour Guide License in Dubai

Dubai emirate is staging itself as an international tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates, the nation’s tourism department is primarily concentrating on giving high-quality tourism experience to locals and foreigners through your tour guides. So, if you are interested in the tourism business and want to know how to get tour guide license in Dubai then a name comes to mind that Start Any Business UAE consultants who will definitely guide you throughout the complete process and make your process easy, effective and hassle-free. They are able to save your precious time and money and complete your process in a short possible time.

The UAE tourism industry is emerging as a platform for international investments because the sector is stated to be growing at a steady pace because of the continued penetration of foreign and local tourists. Businessmen, investors, and well-set up agencies can participate in building travel mobility spots, tourist guide services, hospitality infrastructure like hotels, resorts, and other allied services to capitalize on the landscape. These services are expected to produce substantial earnings from the tourism industry for businesspeople, investors, and organizations.

Large sandy beaches, beautiful islands around the coast, amazing oasis resorts, and unique cultural people make Dubai an exciting location for international visitors who are excited to explore fresh locations and experience the culture. Dubai city is ranked as the 7th most visited destination of the globe by international tourists. Combining ancient and advanced attractions with the popular shopping spots that provide diverse products for overseas tourists is a turnkey strategy for luring visitors and tourists to Dubai.

Getting a Tour Guide License in Dubai

Beginning a tourism company and becoming a tour guide is one of the exciting things that you can do in Dubai because you can take the chance to get, host, and guide overseas tourists in Dubai. Tour guides are expected to provide them with an exact experience of the heritage, culture, and hospitality of the United Arab Emirates by taking travelers to popular tourism locations, and landmarks.

In addition, the travel businesses can also acquire extra permits from the government entities to build reasonable rapports with other companies that support their activities providing them the possibility to increase their services and gain extra benefits and earnings. The expansion of the tourism business comprises partnering with hotels and lodges, vehicle rental services, sea sports companies, entertainment services, resorts, and other affiliated firms that can help them with airline tickets, visa, and cruise ship services.

Tour guide licensing can be acquired from the Dubai Department of Tourism which provides tremendous possibilities for outstanding food and accommodation, secure and suitable travel services, shopping, entertainment, sightseeing, and sports as a part of the efforts of the government to increase the experiences of the visitors and travelers in Dubai.

Requirements for Applying for a Tour Guide License in Dubai

  • The person applying for a Tour guide license should have a valid residency permit and valid passport in Dubai.
  • The person should not have been registered for the offense in the applicant’s own country and in the United Arab Emirates.
  • If the licensing is complete on travel agencies’ behalf, then the person will have to generate documents to examine the registration of the travel agency in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Documents Required for Getting a Tour Guide License in Dubai

  • An application form of tour guide license
  • Photocopy of valid passport of the person
  • Copy of qualification certificates of the manager, this comprises the certificate of education and experience.
  • The certificate of clean record of crime in the UAE of the owner and the manager of the company.
  • NOC letter issued by the Civil Aviation Official
  • Supporting paperwork with the verification to satisfy the space needs of 30 sq meter office space for every activity.

Considered as the quickly developing destination across the Middle East, the tourism industry in Dubai is expected to see a steady development in the coming years. Tourists’ numbers grow, and business conducting in this area provide competitive packages for international visitors by building amazing shopping spots, world-class hotels, family-friendly resorts providing an iconic experience for the travelers in Dubai.

The fast growth and expansion in the sector have given vast earnings to businesses conducting in this industry. The growth in the earnings from tourism is promising to the business people because Dubai has immense possibility to develop into a dynamic tourist location that attracts tourists with its innovative strategies strongly believes that the increasing hospitality and tourism industry can inject millions into the economy.

If you are wondering to start or extend a tour guide business and want to get a tour guide license, then consult with us at Start Any Business UAE. Our professional can provide guidance during the procedure of getting a tour guide license in Dubai.

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