How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai

Due to the city’s splendid skyline, outstanding engineering miracles, and modern growth, many people are willing to be a part of the real estate industry of Dubai. But they always asked a question about how to become a real estate agent in Dubai, simply if you have better communication skills and are quick to close a deal, then a real estate agent job can be appropriate for you. To know completely about the process, you need to contact Start Any Business UAE consultants who will guide you and assist you completely throughout this entire procedure and make it easy and successful. Here we give you a step-wise guide on becoming a real estate agent in Dubai.

To begin with, there are many great causes to become a real estate agent in Dubai. First, you would be dealing with the very expensive properties in the market; property. If you have the appropriate sales skills of negotiation and hard work to create a better reputation, it can translate into a decent amount of commission in addition to your basic salary. Second, becoming a real estate agent in Dubai is a lucrative career option because you have the opportunity to assist people to find out their dream property. This is a fascinating job where you get the chance to meet a various, multicultural customer portfolio.

Of course, being a highly respected real estate agent in Dubai in a successful manner is not easy. This is a competitive industry, hence be ready to work hard, join with clients and learn to recognize their requirements. You also need to be aware that certain brokerage firms appoint commission-based realtors, while others provide a basic-pay-plus-commission framework. But in this situation, the amount of the income of the agent typically comes from commissions.

The Process to Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai 

1. Obtain a Residency Visa 

The first step to being a real estate agent in Dubai is to get a residency permit. UAE nationals and GCC citizens can sign up easily for the process of licensing. However, expatriates must have a legitimate residency visa to apply for a real estate broker job in Dubai. You either obtain a work visa from your organization or a residency visa from your Dubai working spouse. You would also require your Emirates ID.

2. Apply for DREI Certified Training 

Once you get a visa, the next phase for being a real estate agent in Dubai is to sign for the training with DREI (Dubai Real Estate Institute). Recognized as the certified training for real estate agents, the 4-day course set a target to provide you the essential insight into the real estate industry of the region. The course is sanctioned by the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency), the regulatory unit of DLD (Dubai Land Department).

The course of certification would further delve into these government bodies’ roles. The different modules included in the DREI training for a real estate agent in Dubai involve – history and development, concepts, definitions, and market players, the business of a broker, sales procedures and agreements, leasing procedure and rental agreements, introduction to owner’s associations, essential skills, legal modules, and more. You can take training at the RERA agent registration training center at DLD, or online. In any case, keep in mind to take notes, follow the procedure and revisit any material you require.

3. Take the RERA Exam 

Register for the certified training for real estate agent course provided by DREI. At the end of the course, you would have to take the exam, which upon passing would make capable you to obtain a license which you would require to renew every year. Head of Dubai police for a better operating certificate. Your employer would contact RERA to receive your broker ID for you. Now you can begin your career as a real estate agent. Distinct emirates have various real estate government bodies; hence you can just operate with a RERA broker ID in Dubai.

4. Get a Real Estate License 

Once you pass the exam, you would be well on your way to getting a real estate license to work as a real estate agent in Dubai. An additional need for obtaining a license for a broker is a certificate of better operation. Once you complete these needs, the Department of economics would issue your agent card and license. You would get your credentials within a day or two days after your present all the necessary documents. You must renew your license 1 month before the date of expiration to avoid any charges by the issuing authority.

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