How To Open Manufacturing Company in Dubai

In the rapidly expanding global business environment, the extension of trade and manufacturing has become imperious. The country is no exception to this rule and has already known the advantages of boosting its manufacturing sector. If you want to know how to open manufacturing company in Dubai then you can consult with the best business consultants at Start Any Business UAE who will completely guide you and also assist you throughout the entire procedure of establishing a manufacturing business in Dubai.

Manufacturing is the creation of the products from raw materials; therefore, the general public can utilize them. or they are sold to make a profit. Manufactured utilizing a blend of manual machines and labor, or sometimes only a combination of chemicals, machines, and biological processing items. Manufacturing of a product also comprises several intermediate procedures prior to the final product is accomplished. Various industries like to utilize different names for this.

The UAE is an outstanding location to open a manufacturing company. This has different and undeniable advantages for many business sectors, involving an exceptionally diverse business of manufacturing. Due to this, the aim demographic under the manufacturing area can be also very large and very distinct. This can be a product specifically intended to be sold in the international market or vice versa.

The Process of Open a Manufacturing Company in Dubai

The steps to open a manufacturing business or company in Dubai are –

  • The first stage is to select the right and suitable business activity for your manufacturing company.
  • When you select the business activity, you will have to select a trusted UAE local sponsor. The local sponsor is requiring in the case, you open your company on the mainland.
  • You will need to prepare your essential document to submit to the Department of Economic Development for obtaining approval for your company name and initial approval.
  • Once you get the name approval, you will have to draft a Memorandum of Association of your company with the notary public with the UAE local sponsor.
  • You require to choose a warehouse to set up your manufacturing plant.
  • Next, you will have to obtain a tenancy agreement and EJARI from the warehouse landlord.
  • Now, you will require to obtain an industrial license to run your manufacturing company in Dubai. To apply for a business license, you will have to take approval from the Municipality.
  • After completing all the steps, and all the approval is acquired, then you can present the document to the Environment Department.
  • Obtain No Objection Certificate from the civil defense
  • Obtain additional approval from the department. These are for chosen manufacturing entities like approval from food control, from police if start jewelry manufacturing, and from the anesthetic department for chemical production.
  • Once you get all the approval, then submit it to the Economic Department to receive an industrial license.
  • In the final step, you need to pay the charges, and then your license would be issued.

Types of Manufacturing Company in Dubai

1. Clothing and Textiles

Companies that procedure raw wool, flax, and cotton to make clothes are classified under the textile and clothing sector. It also applies to utilizing wool and fabric to make outwear, bedcovers, and upholstery fabric.

2. Petroleum, Plastics, and Chemicals

Manufacturing of soaps, paints, resins, pesticides, and medicines, as well as the process of converting chemicals, crude oil, and coal into usable products, belongs to the manufacturing sector. But manufacturing of rubber is considered part of the work of plastic. This field of the industry also comprises the utilization of crude oil to make some plastics and gasoline.

3. Electronics, Computers, and Transportation

Although these sectors are closely related, they are typically considered as various manufacturing sectors. Most products in this sector utilize electrical power, and all need a power source. In this area, you will locate all the equipment and microprocessors, chips, semiconductors, and all audio-visual equipment.

4. Metal Manufacturing

Metals are related to heavy industry, while the remaining sectors are usually considered a light industry. Metal production involves all types of iron, steel, and aluminum manufacturing.

5. Wood, Leather, and Paper

Wood production comprises all types of manufacturing housing or flooring and laminating and sawing. Under lather production, you will locate all curing and tanning, but leather garments are manufactured from textiles and clothing. The production of the paper procedure is typified by cleaning the raw wood pulp into a variety of paper products.

Benefits of Open Manufacturing Company in Dubai

The benefit of opening a manufacturing company in Dubai are:

• Minimal or almost zero taxes for factories establish in Dubai-free zones.
• Low cost of labor
• The cost of energy sources
• Favorable geographical location
• Existence is an active growing sector

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