How To Setup A Company In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most modern and progressive emirates in the UAE, which is developing considerably, investors are roaming in Dubai to setup their dream business as they are aware of the city’s probable and future.

Many people arise a question that how to setup a company in Dubai. Setting company in a new country can be a stressful and challenging task. But no need to worry, the best way to deal with this challenge is to consult with the Start Any Business consultancy in Dubai that will help you in this entire process and make it easy, reliable, and successful.

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Dubai has attained the reputation of the biggest trading center in the UAE. It is majorly because of excellent business locations and a non-restrictive environment. Dubai provides businessmen with easy-going business conducting terms, asset security, limited liability, complete privacy, and huge tax exemption.

Company Setup in Dubai

Company setup in Dubai can be an important and exciting thing but it is crucial that you should have knowledge about the differences between the company formation, the free zone, offshore, and the mainland.

How To Setup A Company In Dubai

You have to understand the legal formalities that require such legal paperwork of your new company, open a corporate bank, licensing, visa procedure. These all the necessary activities are taken a long time and can be a very tedious task.

Best business setup consultants in Dubai at Start Any Business (SAB) are able to manage all these activities smoothly and effectively. They analyze your business and provide the best solutions, and also helping when your company accomplishes its goals.

Process To Setup A Company In Dubai

How To Setup A Company In Dubai

These a few steps you have to take for your company setup in Dubai are:

  • Decide Your Business activities: The first step for a startup company in Dubai is you have to decide to select the business activity that you want to carry out. There are many potential activities to select from as per the UAE law and you should intend to move any list to your license application.
  • Choose a Company Name: Choose a company name is a very crucial decision, sometimes that can make or break your business, there are certain things to think about when you naming your company, it suitable for the market and it attracts the segment of the market what you want to target. You have to adhere to some naming conventions. The first step you can check the name is available for registration or not, you can check it online via the emirate government’s website.
  • Choose a Suitable Location: Another vital step in planning to setup a company in Dubai is determining the most appropriate location for the business, if you are a client or a customer who cannot reach you, it will not be very good for you to setup a profit-based venture in the city despite the increasing economy.
    You need to setup your company in a region that is the most beneficial for your business or convenient as well. A location in the right city can be chosen for an office or a shop that is known for the type of service or product you are dealing with.
How To Setup A Company In Dubai
  • Look for a Local Sponsor: For company setup in Dubai mainland, it is compulsory to partner with UAE nationals. The challenge is to find a reliable UAE business partner. It is said that the UAE local partner will hold 51% of the partnership. In terms of a free zone, a company will need a local service agent, who will work for a nominal fee. It is best to get into an agreement with a silent partner – this will assure security and complete control of your business.
  • Confirm Your Visa Eligibility and Requirements: For a company setup in Dubai, a visa permitting you and employees to stay in the UAE is needed to run your business. Visas are almost allowed for all businesses. Although, their number varies as per the different criteria like office size, nature if the business, category of the investors, or the employee. If your company startup in Dubai is a local company then you definitely need to work with your sponsor to receive visas – at least for the first time.

Documents Required for Setup a Company in Dubai

How To Setup A Company In Dubai

• Certified copy of tenancy contract
• Photocopies of Passport, visa, NOC, residence certificates, National ID
• Trade license
• Partnership contract certificate from a public notary
• Trade name certificate
• Approval documents from the Legal Affairs Department

Why Should Choose Us

Start Any Business (SAB), is one of the leading consultancies in the market of Dubai. We have a team of professionals who provides expert guidance to their clients with start company in Dubai, UAE. Their specialists help to develop strategies for growth and manage projects of your company. Our consultants bring experience from various industries and companies, which permits them to offer the best solutions.

You can receive an objective perspective with the help of Start Any Business consultants, which permits more diverse views than are completely offered by employees within organizations. Our services help you in obtaining a business license and offer you visa services. Our business consulting services help you to set up a Business in Dubai with low investment and profit pursuits.

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