How to Get an Event Management License in Dubai

A large number of exhibitions and events are organized every year in Dubai. Most of these events are organized for the purpose of business and others for personal events. That is why starting an event management business can be very profitable in Dubai. But to start such a business you need to get an event management license in Dubai.

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Event management companies, in short, are those who make schemes and handle corporate events. They organize celebrations, ceremonies, product presentations, product launches, conferences, workshops, and more.

When beginning an event management company in Dubai, the first vital fact is to apply for an event management license. With this kind of license, you are able to operate a variety of activities like event promotion, event production, hospitality management, and more.

The Process of Getting an Event Management License in Dubai

The Process of Getting an Event Management License in Dubai

The vital steps that you need to follow to get an event management license in Dubai are:

  • You need to fill an application form to get an event management license. The form involves professional and personal information. You also need to make a list of the activities of your business when you apply for your business license.
  • After you decided on your business activities, then now you need to mention them in the license application and present it to the DED, if you establishing your company or business in the Dubai mainland. In case you setting up your business in the free zone then there are different rules on obtaining an event management license. This is based on the free zone you choose for.
  • After the submission of the license application form with attached all the necessary documents, you need to wait for the revert from the Department of Economic and Development.
  • Once your license application is sanctioned, then you need to make payment of the license fees.
  • Once your license is approved, then your event management license would be provided to you in some days.

Key Point to Note Once You Get an Event Management License in Dubai

Key Point to Note Once You Get an Event Management License in Dubai
  • The sale of tickets and any kind of publicity for this kind of event outside the free zone are subject to the guidelines of the authorities like DTCM, DM, and DED.
  • similarly, the promotion and sale of such tickets to events in other emirates are subject to the rules, by-laws, and such other regulations of the respective emirates.
  • Withdraw in case of any incident: you shall be completely and solemnly responsible for returning that amount. Further, the concerned authority reserves the right to examine and verify all the files, activities, or other matters of any license at any time.
  • All such guidelines and regulations regarding activities under the license will be communicated to all the artists, personnel, technicians, and employees. The license itself shall bear the losses arising out of the activities of the dependents of the licensee.
  • The world festivities can be just utilized with the authorities’ approval.
  • A license is needed to protect the concerned agreements and approvals with respect to any property, document, and details by the third party.
  • Information to the general public shall be made available on any website, posters, tickets, banners, and pamphlets, or this kind of marketing material.

Cost of an Event Management License in Dubai

Cost of an Event Management License in Dubai

The start-ups costs of an event management license in Dubai would be based on several factors like business activities, the size of the company, and the location of a company. Although, in many cases, an event management license cost is typically low.

You may expect to pay in the sector of AED 15,000 to set up your event management license. What is more, in most situations there is no need to take up office space, hence there are some other costs to consider. You can also apply for a package for a license that involves a Flexi desk package – which allows business people to access business facilities like mail services, desk space, and phone and internet access.

Benefits of Getting an Event Management License in Dubai

Benefits of Getting an Event Management License in Dubai
  • An event management license in Dubai is quite affordable. Not only is the cost low, but you also don’t need to pay upfront costs for handling events in Dubai mainland.
  • The event management company owner can apply for many visas as per their need.
  • You can easily get visas not just for your staff but for your family member as well.
  • There is no need for office space in the free zone. You can arrange office space on the mainland as per your needs.

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