Who Needs a Professional License in Dubai?

A professional license in Dubai is required by individuals or companies with skills. These units desire to run commercial activities utilizing their profession or skills. The Economic Department of Dubai gives several business licenses based on the kind of company. Every commercial activity is subjected to licensing in Dubai. 

Before initiating a business in this emirate you could require approvals, some kinds of licenses, approvals, and visas to be eligible for your business functions as per the country’s rules.

Dubai gives three distinct kinds of licenses to companies. Apart from three major license categories, there are a number of licenses for particular business objectives based on the business nature. 

What is a Professional License in Dubai 

A professional license is acquired by any person who has entered a service-giving business or has a talent-based activity. Obtaining a Professional License In Dubai can be rewarding in many manners. But there’s a procedure that should be complied with and documents have to arrange to obtain a professional license in UAE. 

What is Professional License in Dubai

A vital factor of professional licenses in UAE is the conditions of liberty and ownership. Commercial trading firms require to partner with a UAE citizen and are limited to supplying a stake of 51% or more to the partner. Although, under a free zone businessmen can experience full ownership. 

A professional company setup in Dubai does need a contract with a UAE LSA. Nevertheless, there are even certain companies not obligated to such terms. Those are – Legal consultancy, Engineering consultancy, and Bank Representation office. 

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People willing to give professional services comprising consulting, accounting, auditing, tourism, research, designing, and other professional service depending on skill or knowledge in the emirate should get a professional license in Dubai from the Economic Department. 

Who Requires a Professional License in Dubai

Who Requires a Professional License in Dubai

As s Holder of a professional license in Dubai, you are lawfully registered to perform or give your services to any clients or consumers, employer or client in the country, and you’re entitled to go through the activities according to your qualifications and professionalism. 

Working professional services in Dubai needs skills, talent, intellectual capabilities, and experience to implement the tasks or assignments independently while sustaining quality and complaints with the standard which is specified by the governmental authorities in the emirate. 

However, the professional license in UAE permits you to go through maximum tasks under the classification, some particular tasks need permission or authorization from the concerned governmental bodies.

Needs a Professional License in Dubai

The governmental bodies in this emirate are formed to handle the industry norms as per the industry, sustain security and health, and make sure the business is conducted by registered experts who comply with the rules. 

The Process to Get a Professional License in Dubai 

First of all, while making an application for a professional license in UAE is to make a transparent description of the activities gone through in somebody’s business. The next move will be to hire an LSA who will look after all the lawful formalities to get a professional license. 

The Process to Get a Professional License in Dubai

After the appointment, obtain pre-approval from the economic department. Besides, you need to register a business name and then present all the needed documents to the department for approval. 

  1. Fill out the local service contract with the UAE citizen from a local translator and get the form verified by a public notary service. 
  2. A legal translator seal hasn’t needed in case the contract is in Arabic. 
  3. You have to draft a Memorandum of Association with the local sponsor. 
  4. Specify the previous cost of the sponsor in the contract. 
  5. In case you’re obtaining a business license for a civil company, you have to fill out one additional application and get it verified. 
  6. All the partners must participate in the notary to sign the court deal. Get permission from the Dubai Municipality for a tenancy agreement. 
  7. Present all the forms with verification. 
  8. Present copies of the passports of the partners and No objection certificate for migrant partners 
  9. Pay the necessary fees to obtain a professional license in Dubai. 

In addition, you must understand that a professional license in Dubai has an expiration after which the license is deemed null or void to sidestep undertaking all the methods again you are able to renew your professional business license from the relevant authorities giving your permission to constantly existing your business. 

Why obtain a professional license in Dubai

In cases of earning, professional business licensing can aid your company in going through high-paying assignments which demand exceptional proficiency or give services and run business activities according to your professionalism. 

Business Activities Comes Under a Professional License in Dubai

The professional license in UAE comprises all the activities that are given below –

  1. Business services
  2. Artisanship
  3. Carpentry
  4. Cleaning services (All types)
  5. Consulting services (All types of consulting)
  6. Electronics repair services 
  7. Electrical equipment repair and maintenance
  8. Computer Graphics Design services
  9. Digital Marketing 
  10. Educational training services (All types)
  11. Entertainment artists 
  12. Engineering design 
  13. Legal advisory services
  14. Independent auditing and accounting services
  15. Medical Services 
  16. Hairdressing, Saloon, and Spa
  17. Electronics repair services 
  18. Electrical equipment repair and maintenance
  19. Printing and Publishing 
  20. Information Technology services 
  21. Repair services 

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