How to Start a Social Media Business in UAE

As per the current official statistics released by the Dubai Department of Economic Development, over 3,000 licenses have been issued since 2017 for the sole objective of trading products on social media platforms.

Starting a social media business can be beneficial for one. So, if you are looking for how to start a social media business in UAE from India, then the best way is to connect with the Start Any Business UAE experts who will certainly provide you with a complete guide and also assist you throughout the procedure.

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Why Do Social Media Businesses in UAE Need a License?

Why Do Social Media Businesses in UAE Need a License?

This is particularly crucial for the social media business in UAE to hold a license to trade in a legal manner. This is not only to protect the whole trade, but a business license for social media corporations also plays a crucial role in promoting customer satisfaction in shopping for products and services.

In the country, social media channels are monetarized and standardized by the authorities of the UAE. The ultimate target is to exert a reasonable trade and shield consumers from vague online commercial funds.

Is there a Penalty for Non-Licensed Social Media Businesses in UAE

Is there a Penalty for Non-Licensed Social Media Businesses in UAE

As a result of the shutdown, the Ministry of Economy of the UAE, as well as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, during the year 2018. The officials in the Dubai Emirate have ordered the closure of illegal business websites and social media business accounts that are selling commodities without a legal business license.

Another media reference states that the Economic Department ordered the closure of more than 13,000 social media accounts in 2018 because of illegal marketing, as per the Economic Department of Dubai. In due time, a penalty of around AED 500,000 was charged for selling goods or services online without a legal trade license in the country. A Department of Economic Development license is needed for selling goods and services on social media portals such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, as per the article, if selling isn’t completed with a DED trade license, penalties would be assessed.

Do Social Media Businesses in UAE Require an E-trade License

Do Social Media Businesses in UAE Require an E-trade License

Yes, to form a social media company in UAE, you would require an e-trader license from the UAE government. You can have an e-trader license, which can be registered in the owner’s name. An e-trader license in UAE can be acquired by presenting proof of identity, detail about the type of business activity you wish to form, and detail about the account in which raw materials and services would be presented. The documents are legal, and the license is allocated for AED 1070 with a 1-year validity tenure for an overall charge of AED 1070.

Utilizers of social media would advantage of the e-trader license since it deducts the hurdles they early located and enhances the liability of your intellectual property. With an e-trader license in this country, you can also enhance consumer trust while also decreasing the risk of intruding on a registered business name or other academic property through your functions.

The e-trader license in this country, on the flip side, has some limitations. Commercial corporations that possess an e-trader license are not able to rent commercial premises or open a store, sustain a company bank account, or even get or acquire visas. So, what is the procedure for forming a legitimate corporation in UAE that provides you with a visa, rental options, a bank account, and the capability to sell on social media platforms?

For social media business, the Economic Department of Dubai facilitated unlimited corporation openings and also an inviting business environment. Although, if you wish to initiate an internet business in UAE or plan to give products and services on social media, this will be most suitable in case you formed a legitimate corporation. The formation of a company bank account not just gives protection of the future potentiality of the corporation, but also gives the freedom to grant visas, rent office space, and handle the finances of the corporation through the account.

The Steps to Form a Social Media Business in UAE

The Steps to Form a Social Media Business in UAE
  • License Application
  • Governmental Forms
  • Certificate of name reservation
  • Certificate of Pre-approval
  • External department approval
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Certificate of EJARI registration
  • Copies of passports of the partners and NOC for partners

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