How to Get a Dubai Business Visa

A business visa is an attempt to permit visitors to live longer to carry out the activities of their business. It produces capital for the nation that in turn contributes to its economic growth. If you are looking for a Dubai business visa from India and want to know how to get it then take a simple step to consult with the Start Any Business UAE consultants who will provide complete guidance on business visa services and also help you in obtaining the same on your behalf and make your process very simple and efficient without any obstacle.

A business visa is a document issued by the government that permits non-residents to enter Dubai temporarily for business. Dubai can grant business visas for various kinds of business trips. For instance, a country grants business visas to investors, lecturers and speakers, professional athletes, salespeople, business event attendees, training program participants, and industrial and commercial services engineers. A person who wants to visit Dubai on a business visa should fulfill some needs relating to the purpose of their travel, making income, and the duration of their stay.

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A business visa assists in facilitating business and trade between various nations. These are usually short-term visas and permit the holders of visas to operate the business in the UAE. The Start Any Business UAE assists you in evaluating your choices and applying for a visa that suits you and provides you with the best opportunity to operate your business in Dubai. The biggest benefit of applying for a business visa in Dubai through our connections is the very low Dubai business visa fees and minimum requirement of paperwork.

The Process of Getting a Dubai Business Visa

The Process of Getting a Dubai Business Visa

The steps that you need to follow to get a Dubai business visa are given below –

  • Before starting the process of application to get your business visa, this is vital to understand the various kinds of business visas for Dubai and select the most suitable one for you as per the purpose of your travel. The embassy of Dubai grants 96-hour visas, 14-day, 30 days, and 90-day visas. You can usually apply for a one-month visa before the visit.
  • After deciding the kind of visa, this is time to make the documents that are needed to apply for the business visa online. If your nomination is sanctioned, you will need to present all the required documents and complete the process of your application.
  • To get a Dubai business visa, you don’t need to visit the Embassy. The process of a business visa is an online procedure. We at Start Any Business UAE make it easy for you to apply for a business visa to Dubai. all you have to do is visit the official website and upload all the necessary documents with us by email.
  • Once you have completed the application process online, the Dubai business visa processing time takes only 3 to 4 working days, and then you will get your business e-visa in your email. This is advisable to take a print of your visa copy and hold it throughout your travel.

Types of Dubai business visa

Types of Dubai business visa

You can choose any one of the various kinds of Dubai business visas as per your tenure and purpose of visit. The types of business visas are –

  • 48-hours business visa
  • 96-hours business visa
  • 14 days business visa
  • 30 days business visa
  • 60 days business visa
  • 90 days business visa with single entry
  • 90 days for a multi-entry long-term visa

Benefits of Dubai Business Visa

Benefits of Dubai Business Visa

The Dubai business visa permits you to conduct your business activity in the UAE. Once the visa is granted, the applicant is permitted to –

  • To enter the nation for six months with a multiple-entry visa, to facilitate the process of setting up a business in Dubai.
  • Nominee up to three senior employees of your business to receive residency.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Dubai Business Visa

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Dubai Business Visa

Dubai business visa is granted when qualified business people are determined to carry out activities such as conferences, meetings, and presentations. Professionals from any nation with business experience are qualified to apply for a business visa in Dubai. A business expert can apply for a Dubai business visa online as well.

  • Be able to attest to your experience as a business person.
  • Be a majority stakeholder of a start-up or a member of its senior leadership.
  • Keen to shift to the United Arab Emirates and set up a business in a legal manner in Dubai.
  • Have a business concept or a business scheme that you want to bring to life in the United Arab Emirates.

Requirements for Dubai Business Visa

Requirements for Dubai Business Visa

To obtain a Dubai business visa, you will have to complete all the requirements for a Dubai business visa. The requirements include –

  • Copies of valid passport – while applying for the business visa in Dubai, give the color-scanned first page and last page copy of your passport.
  • Two colored photographs – You need to give a copy of your passport-sized color photos.
  • Cover Letter – present a cover letter granted by the applicant
  • Give the hotel reservation proof
  • Present the photocopy and original PAN card
  • Invitation letter – present an invitation letter granted by the Dubai host company.
  • Present the original No Objection Certification from the local company with the signature and seal.

The Cost of a Dubai Business Visa

One of the best ways to know the cost of a Dubai business visa is to get in touch with the best business setup consultants at Start Any Business UAE we give immediate and proper cashback on the cost of your Dubai business visa. Dubai business visa cost usually depends on the kind of business visa you opt for. It is to state, that upon registration with our professionals after opting for a special kind of visa, the complete visa cost gets demonstrated in your account that you registered.

How to Start Any Business UAE Can Help You

The procedure of registering a Dubai business visa from India is longer and needs vigilance while forming the documentation. This is advisable to get in touch with the best business professionals at Start Any Business UAE who will guide you regarding the same. They have a team of skilled and qualified professionals who have gone through this process several times, they will help you during the entire process of acquiring a business visa in Dubai.

They will manage the complete process of documentation without any kind of hassle. All you need to do is communicate with us and we help you to obtain your business visa at a low price. If you are interested, then feel free to share your matter with us.

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