Freelance Visa Dubai for Indians

What Is A Freelance Visa Dubai?

What Is A Freelance Visa Dubai?

The freelance visa in Dubai and various UAE free zones cater to Indian citizens seeking freelance permits, offering an opportunity for independent work without the necessity of sponsorship or employment by a local company.

This specialized permit allows individuals to operate as full-time freelancers in Dubai. Indian nationals are eligible to apply for freelance licenses issued by authorities in the free zone. Upon obtaining the freelance permit, individuals can pursue the Dubai freelance visa.

The Dubai freelance visa signifies a form of UAE residency, providing the right to reside and work in the UAE for a duration ranging from 1 to 5 years. Costs associated with the UAE residence visa can vary and are comprehensively detailed in our blog.

These freelance permits are open to UAE nationals, citizens, residents, as well as non-residents, offering an avenue for self-employment and residency within the UAE.

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What Is Allowed With A Dubai Freelance Visa?

What Is Allowed With A Dubai Freelance Visa?

The Dubai freelance visa grants individuals the liberty to engage in various business sectors for which they hold a freelance permit.

With the specific freelance permit in their designated field, visa holders can –

  • Work within Dubai or the broader UAE region
  • Provide services to individuals or enterprises
  • Function as an independent contractor, collaborating with individuals or businesses
  • Engage in work with government agencies
  • Charge fees for their rendered services and work

What Is A Freelance License (Permit) in Dubai?

What Is A Freelance License (Permit) in Dubai?

For Indian citizens aspiring to pursue freelance work in Dubai or across the UAE, securing a freelance license is imperative. These licenses are issued within specific free zones, aligning with distinct fields of work.

For instance, entities like Start Any Business UAE enable Indian nationals to obtain freelance licenses in Dubai, catering to diverse domains such as design, technology, media activities, and the education sector. Each free zone offers a unique array of activities under these freelance licenses. These licenses are pivotal for applying for a freelance visa in Dubai.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that the requirements for acquiring a freelance visa in Dubai differ for UAE and non-UAE residents.

For UAE Residents – If you’re already residing in the UAE under your spouse’s or parent’s visa and wish to transition to freelance residency, obtaining a Freelance Permit is essential. Similarly, if you’ve been employed full-time in the UAE and aspire to venture into freelance work, the Freelance Permit is a requisite.

While working for an employer in Dubai or the UAE typically doesn’t necessitate sponsorship, aspiring freelancers need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employer. This certificate is also required if you intend to engage in freelance work on a part-time basis. UAE or Dubai citizens can maintain their current residency permits while receiving a freelance one.

For Non-UAE Residents – All individuals are qualified to apply for a freelance permit and subsequently for a freelance visa. Additionally, the freelance visa in Dubai offers the opportunity to convert to a Dubai residency permit, facilitating both living and working in the city.

Non-UAE Residents must acquire the Freelance License Dubai to become eligible for the freelance visa.

Who Can Get A Dubai Freelance Visa?

Who Can Get A Dubai Freelance Visa?

Individuals aspiring to work as freelancers in Dubai can seek a freelance permit and visa. The primary applicant should possess a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma. Additionally, they are required to demonstrate a minimum income of AED 360,000 (approximately INR 75 lakh) earned within the last two years.

However, the eligibility of the individual is contingent upon their alignment with the specified qualifying professions.

Freelancers appreciate the flexibility of choosing their hours and working from any location. The epidemic has shown that work can be completed remotely without sacrificing effectiveness or quality. The gig economy has also unintentionally been fuelled by the pandemic. Freelancers can now work legally with legislation backing their business by obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai, making the process smoother.

Dubai offers a freelancer visa if you’re interested in one for the United Arab Emirates. We want to offer useful information if you are interested in obtaining a freelancer visa in Dubai or relocating there. It’s vital to remember that you can live anywhere in the UAE regardless of where you obtained your freelancer visa or permit. So, despite addressing the various places that provide a freelancer permit and visa, our major focus will be on how to obtain a Dubai freelancing visa. But first, let’s make sure you are familiar with all the phrases used in the UAE about freelancing.

How to Apply for a Freelancer Permit and Visa in Dubai

How to apply for a freelancer permit and visa in Dubai

1. Determine eligibility:

Be certain that you satisfy the requirements established by the Dubai government before applying for a freelancer permission and visa. Verify that you meet the standards for your field, education, experience, and financial capability.

2. Choose a freelance permit package:

Dubai provides a variety of free zone-based freelance visa permit options. Each free zone has its own rules and advantages. Choose the free zone based on your research and needs in your professional field.

3. Select a business name:

For the name of your freelance company, go with something original and fitting. The company name must adhere to the free zone’s norms and regulations.

4. Application submission:

If you want to get a freelance visa in UAE then send your application and the necessary paperwork to the appropriate government agency or free zone. Pay the required fees in the manner prescribed by the free zone.

5. Obtain a freelancer permit and visa:

You will be given freelancer permission, allowing you to work as a freelancer in Dubai if your application is accepted. The next step is to apply for a freelancer visa, which will enable you to live lawfully in Dubai. Depending on the free zone you choose, there will be a different procedure for applying for the visa.

6. Medical and Emirates ID:

After acquiring your freelancer visa, you must visit an authorized clinic or hospital for a medical exam. You should also apply for an Emirates ID card, which is a required form of identity in the UAE.

7. Establish business setup:

After receiving your freelance visa in Dubai and freelancer permit, you might need to physically establish your freelance business inside the free zone. Depending on the needs of the free zone, this may entail renting an office or a desk space.

What Documents are Required to Apply for a Freelancer Visa?

What Documents are Required to Apply for Freelancer Visa?

Typically, the following documents are required for a freelancer permit and visa application in Dubai:

1. Passport copies (including valid residence visa if applicable)

2. Passport-sized photographs

3. Detailed resume/CV

4. Professional qualification certificates (attested if required)

5. Portfolio or samples of previous work

6. Business plan or proposal outlining your freelance activities

7. No-objection letter (NOC) from your current employer, if applicable

8. Bank statements or financial documents demonstrating financial stability

What are the types of freelancer visas in Dubai?

What are the types of freelancer visas in Dubai?

Dubai offers various types of freelance visas that can be utilized by freelancers to work in the city. These visa options include:

1. Freelance Visa and work permit in Dubai for Residents

Those who are residing in Dubai need a freelancer work permit. If a person is working full time and he/she is employed then they can apply for the freelance visa. In this type of condition, they should have an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from an employer or a sponsor.

2. Freelance Visa in Dubai for Non-resident

If you don’t come from the UAE then also you can apply for a freelance visa in the UAE to get a residency permit. This permit helps every person to do work in Dubai as a freelancer.

3. Green residence for freelancing and self-employment

This type of visa provides 5 years of residency visa. This visa can be applied without working in a company or a person can apply when he/she is not employed.

These are the requirements to apply for a visa

·  You must be self-employed or freelance allowed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

·  A person should be educated and studied at least for a bachelor’s or a specialized diploma.

·  A person should have at least an income of around AED 360000 through self-employment over the last two years, or the applicant has to show the financial of their personal.

What are the benefits of having a freelancer visa in Dubai?

What are the benefits of having a freelancer visa in Dubai?

Having a freelance visa in Dubai offers several benefits for individuals engaged in freelance work. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Legally operate as a freelancer:

You can work independently in Dubai if you have a freelance visa. It gives you the right to market your services to customers and run your independent contractor business by local laws.

2. Sponsorship of dependents:

Freelancers who have legitimate freelance visas may sponsor their spouses and children to live in Dubai. This enables your family to live in Dubai with you and profit from it.

3. Access to business bank accounts:

You can create a business bank account in Dubai with a freelance visa. This makes it simpler to efficiently manage your funds, collect client payments, and carry out commercial activities.

4. Freedom and flexibility:

The independence and flexibility that come with working for oneself are frequently valued by freelancers. You have the freedom to select your clients, establish your fees, and plan your workdays when you have a freelancing visa.

5. Tax advantages:

Individuals are not subject to personal income tax in Dubai. As a result, you may be able to benefit from not having to pay personal income tax on your freelancing earnings. To understand the tax responsibilities unique to your circumstances, it’s crucial to speak with a tax expert. So, the freelance visa in Dubai cost would be reasonable as the tax is less.

What Is A Freelance Visa Dubai Cost?

What Is A Freelance Visa Dubai Cost?

The expenses for a freelance visa in Dubai fluctuate based on the urgency, permit duration, and whether the application is submitted from within Dubai or externally.

For Indian citizens, separate fees apply for the freelance license or permit, establishment card, and freelancer visa.

The breakdown of Dubai’s freelance visa costs is as follows –

  • Freelance Permit in Dubai – Valid for one year, renewable annually, priced at AED 7,000.
  • Establishment Card in Dubai – Valid for one year, renewable annually, with a cost of AED 2,000.
  • Freelance Residence Visa in Dubai – Priced at AED 4,960 (normal) or AED 6,340 (express) if applied from within the UAE, valid for three years.
  • Freelance Residence Visa in Dubai – For applications outside the UAE, the cost is AED 3,330 (normal) or AED 3,990 (express) for a three-year validity.
  • Freelance Employment Visa in Dubai – A one-year visa costs AED 2,750, while a three-year visa is priced at AED 5,000.
  • The overall cost for a freelance visa in Dubai can range between AED 10,000 and AED 25,000.
  • Talent Pass License Fee – Priced at AED 9,500 and necessitates annual renewal.

The expenses for acquiring a freelance visa in Dubai can significantly vary based on the chosen duration, processing speed, and the applicant’s location.

What Is The Processing Time For Freelance Visa Dubai?

What Is The Processing Time For Freelance Visa Dubai?

An entry permit is a prerequisite if you’re applying for the Dubai Freelance Visa from outside the city. The processing time for the entry permit typically spans 2-7 working days, provided all submitted documents are accurate and complete.

Following the acquisition of the entry permit, the subsequent application for the Dubai Freelance Visa might take around 10-30 days to procedure. The duration of visa processing holds significance in planning your travel and ensuring a seamless journey.

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