How To Get Foodstuff Trading license in Dubai

Foodstuff trading is the most popular and vital activity of business in Dubai. This is the main contributor to the economy of Dubai is an activity that is prospering in the city for several years. Hence, you are making a plan to begin a business in Dubai and want to know that how to get a foodstuff trading license in Dubai then you need to interact with the Start Any Business UAE consultants who will provide you complete guidance on your decision that you have made and assist you in throughout the process of getting a food trading license.

This license is measured in the more crucial business license in Dubai. And
Generate clear symbols of its prosperity and progress. You can license your business in the emirate in a free zone region. Or directly with the Dubai Department of Economic Development. Both these locations have their advantages and disadvantages. In a free zone, you are the complete business owner but the cost of establishment is high. And also, your channel must be in that free zone. But in the Department of Economic Development, you must comprise an Emirati person who would have a 51% stake. But you can operate in any segment of the local market without any fear of a 51% local stake. I know it seems unbelievable but you sign MOU so that no one would be able to get spoiled. DED has a lucrative process of formation for food trading license in Dubai.

The Process to Get a Foodstuff Trading License in Dubai

To get a foodstuff trading license in Dubai then you will have to follow some steps that include –

  • The aspiring business people require to decide on the name of the business and obtain approval from the Department of Economic Development.
  • The business people require to make a draft and sign a Memorandum of Association of the company or business.
  • The business people will have to rent an office space or the warehouse for the business and obtain a contractual agreement for tenancy with the EJARI.
  • The business people are required to present all the necessary documents to the DED and obtain a payment voucher when you have made the payment.
  • The business people will have to present the EJARI along with the tenancy agreement to the Food Control Section in the Dubai Municipality.
  • The final payment is to be made by the business people for completing all the processes and obtaining the foodstuff trading license in Dubai and then they can start their foodstuff business in a successful manner.

Cost of Foodstuff Trading License in Dubai

This license is compulsory for establishing and operating a foodstuff business in Dubai and anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. This is very crucial to think about the cost of this license. The cost of a foodstuff trading license in Dubai will be based on the company size and the cost may change from time to time. This is also depending on the kind of appliances you utilize. The cost is around AED 10,000 to 12, 000.

Why Choose Foodstuff Trading License in Dubai

Dubai is the fastest developing state across the Middle East. This allures investors from abroad to register their presence in Dubai. This is because of the low tax system and full repatriation of investment as well as earnings. And this is also a sustainable economy at best. But yet certain people are hesitant because of the 51% share rule of the UAE local sponsor. A 49% stake is allowed for outside ownership in the foodstuff trading license in Dubai. And a local sponsor in place of a local service agent is needed to produce a foodstuff trading license in Dubai.

This license comprises one of the major services that we provide to our respective clients in Dubai. This license in Dubai requires a UAE local sponsor. The work of a UAE local sponsor is to assist in securing licenses, labor cards along with visas, and more. There is no minimum capital obligation for a qualified company in Dubai.

Documents Required for Foodstuff Trading License in Dubai

The necessary documents that you will need to prepare for getting a foodstuff trading license in Dubai that includes –

  • Copy of valid passport of the stakeholders
  • No Objection Certificate of the stakeholder who is having a resident visa
  • Emirates ID of the stakeholders are holding a resident visa
  • Visa page of the stakeholder
  • Role of Dubai Municipality about the business establishment in Dubai
  • Foodstuff trading license is subject to Municipality of Dubai laws and regulations, which individually carry such rights. The department of food control has the official to grant the Foodstuff trading license in Dubai.

Above we mentioned a complete guide on getting a foodstuff trading license in Dubai. If you are still not sure regarding the process then Start Any Business UAE professionals will help you in this matter.

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