How One Can Start a Hotel Business in Dubai

Dubai is the center of all types of business. This provides a strategic spot, outstanding infrastructure, and an attractive business atmosphere that allures several business people around the world.

If you are interested in the food business and want to know how to start a hotel business in Dubai then we at Start Any Business UAE will help you during this process. Starting a hotel business can be an exciting and profitable business in Dubai. Here we mentioned a proper process and some vital details regarding starting a hotel in Dubai.

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Small and medium-sized hotels are also in great demand in Dubai because tourists prefer longer stays in relatively cheap hotels. In addition, incentives and facilities are given by the Dubai government to all kinds of investors.

But there is a thing that the Dubai government does not compromise on various hotels. All of them are required to sustain minimum quality norms. There are many needs prior to opening a hotel in Dubai. These hotels can be set up in the categories of resorts, hotels, guest houses, and others.

These hotels can be set up in the mainland of Dubai and in the many Dubai- free zones. Unlike many other enterprises, this is more beneficial as hotels are majorly concerned with tourists. These tourists prefer to live near various tourist places present on the mainland in Dubai.

The Process to Start a Hotel Business in Dubai

The Process to Start a Hotel Business in Dubai

The first thing you require to understand is, not like other businesses which need to hold a business license, a hotel business in Dubai must have a tourism license. Other than that, for the many parts, the process is similar to another business in Dubai. The steps you need to follow are –

1. Choose a Location

To begin a hotel business, you need to choose an appropriate location for your hotel in Dubai. You will need to do little research regarding the localities and the people around them. you can select to establish a hotel business on the mainland or in the free zone in Dubai. You can consult with skilled business setup consultants who will provide assistance in choosing a suitable place for your hotel business.

2. Appoint a Manager

For the establishment of a hotel business in Dubai, you will have to hire a manager. This is compulsory for the manager to have concerning qualifications and sanctioned certifications. Only then you can hire the candidates as the manager for the hotel business.

Hotel Business in Dubai

Whoever you want to be a manager of your hotel, they should be competent. This is vital that they master their craft because they would play a major role in decision-making about the needs of the hotel entities. From monitoring the hygiene and cleanliness to food and employees, everything would be handled by them. Hence, ensure that you appoint the right one according to your requirements.

3. Obtain Initial Approval

You should prepare all the essential documents to obtain initial approval from the DED. You will have to prepare each document mentioned in the guidelines. Once you present all the documents and forms, the Department of Economic Development would go through them and make a definite decision in a week.

4. Obtain the License

To start a hotel business in Dubai you need to have a tourism license in Dubai. You require to have some important documents including – Fee receipt, NOC, certificate of trade name, EJARI certification, tenancy agreement, and more. After the submission of all the documents, DTCM would check every document and if there is no discrepancy then you would receive your tourism license in one or two weeks.

Benefits of Starting A Hotel Business in Dubai

Benefits of Starting A Hotel Business in Dubai

The hotel business in Dubai would be a sure-shot method to break into this multi-billion-dollar region in UAE. Below are the benefits –

1. Talented Staff

Dubai being multiple cultural places is also a treasure trove of talented manpower. The business people would be capable to locate all the personnel from the senior manager to service and floor employees with a profile that suits their business goals and model.

2. Everyone Needs a Place to Stay

Thousands of tourists come to Dubai every day with everyone belonging to various groups. Hence, they would need a boarding that suits their income group. Hotels or tiny homes can be created to target these kinds of customers.

3. Easy setup Process

The procedure to establish a hotel business in Dubai is easy and simple without hassle. Business people can comply with the rules and regulations to get their work complete without any lumps in the procedure. The DED is the primary official that manages the establishment procedure.

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