Offshore Company Formation

An offshore company is a lawful unit established to run the business out of its registered spot and eventual ownership area. Building an offshore business or corporation in the United Arab Emirates is the right, tax-free, and affordable company framework for businesses that wish to go through international trade.

An offshore corporation is also recognized as a non-resident paper corporation. This is the cheapest offshore company formation in Dubai.

This permits international business people to run a business in Africa and the Middle East without any worry regarding the administrative difficulties. Moreover, business people can run on the international level through an offshore bank account.

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The Process of an Offshore Company Formation

Be Clear About the Business Activity

Since you’re making a plan to incorporate an offshore company, first, you have to get a clear picture of the business activity – what is the product and the services you wish to provide. Making a clear thought for the business activity would assist you to know the target market consequently.

Choose Jurisdiction

You have to decide the jurisdiction where your wish to operate your business with your activities. In case you’re making a plan to hold offshore activities in the Dubai emirate, then JAFZA is the right choice that you to make a start.

Choose a Business Structure

This is necessary to choose the right legal unit while moving with offshore company formation because this would have a powerful effect on the venture, which are – Offshore trust, Unlimited company, offshore corporation, Company limited by guarantee, and more. Choose the right business framework based on the stake capital obtainable and the score of stakeholders keen to participate.

Finalize the Business Name

The business name must suit the commercial activities of the business. Ensure that the chosen business name stands different and does not the same as the corporation that is already existing in the market.

Get a Business License

Getting a business license or permit is necessary to set up an offshore company in Dubai. Documents are to be prepared and submitted to the government official departments to get approval. Once it is sanctioned, business activities can be held accordingly.

Open an Offshore Bank Account

In order to run the business activities seamlessly, you have to open an offshore bank account. Although, businessmen have the adaptability for an offshore bank account opening in the same or another jurisdiction.

Avail Additional Services

Once your company gets incorporated, the business owner can choose extra services such as Nominee Directors or Philosophical Property to protect the business information and capital. Offshore company setup in Dubai is a fairly obstacle-free procedure, which would be quicker in case you have an understanding of the nation and enter into a conversation with a clear concept of what you wish to get and where to wish to go.

Advantages of an Offshore Company Formation


The information of a company is maintained confidential, so the data of the transaction and the expansion of your property holdings would be not a part of any public statements.


If you are starting an offshore company formation in this emirate, you would have to hire a local partner with a group share in the corporation. Though new rules are declared about complete ownership for migrants, they need to still to be formally impacted. Currently, there are two methods to hold full company ownership – begin your venture in any of the free zones or start an offshore corporation.

Tax Exemption

Offshore corporations in the Dubai Emirate aren’t required to make the payment of corporate tax or VAT, so the profits you produce from your acquisition are yours in a complete manner. It is one of the major motivations that allure overseas business people to the emirate.

Corporate Structure

Legacy is a prime consideration amongst migrants and that becomes even more of a consideration when your assets are in the United Arab Emirates and you aren’t. By buying property through setting up an offshore company in Dubai and making it a corporate capital, you would be free from local inheritance rules, providing you full management of how the property is passed on in the future.

Documents Required for an Offshore Company Formation

• Business plan
• Original bank reference letter or six months’ bank records
• Address proof
• CV of the stakeholders
• Passport copies of the stakeholders
• 3 choices for the name reservation
• Business activity

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