Business For Ladies With Low Investment in India

Starting own business can be an overwhelming task. Although, usually because of insufficient money, not everybody is able to complete their business dreams. But not anymore! We brought here some ideas to start a business for ladies with low investment in India that can be very profitable for you and easy to start. Although, the growth of women entrepreneurs in India has been slower than in other countries, the change seems inevitable. Now you can begin your business and transform your passion into a profession.

List of Business For Ladies With Low Investment in India

1. Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing

Businesses focused on clothing and jewelry have been always a favorite for ladies in India. Do you like designing clothes? If so, begin your fashion designing business and get paid well by assisting your customers to become fashionistas. Fashion designing is the most money-making idea for ladies to start their small business that demands very less investment. You require a personal room as your working place and begin by grooming your neighbors and friends and become a successful designer and create your own brand.

2. Day Care Services

Day Care Services

The daycare opening trend is definitely one of the very small ideas for housewives. Working moms are always on the lookout for daycare facilities for their kids that give a treat like home. Having a small space in your home, then you can begin this business easily. Decorate the area with little and big toys that your kids have grown up with and turn it into a playful area for kids. An eye for information and so much love for kids is all you require to make this small business idea for women a success.

3. Bakery Business

Bakery Business

The requirement for bakery products is increasing. A bakery business can be started easily from home if you love to experiment with delicious batters. All you need is a little expertise and a little investment in arranging equipment to grow your business. First begin by making cupcakes, cakes, and bread. Promote your business on social media such as Facebook and ask for recommendations from families and friends.

4. Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Nowadays, people are working and they don’t get time to spend with their kids to do any kind of activities. They are always looking for extracurricular activities for their children, that go beyond the school curriculum, such as creative writing, crafts, and spiritual classes. Most women have innate abilities to handling kids. No required formal training to begin such classes, your skill or passion is only required. Classes can be started easily from the house and even working time is also very flexible. Advertise your job by telling family and friends about the great work you are doing.

5. Selling Products on E-commerce Platforms

Selling Products on E-commerce Platforms

Thanks to e-commerce, buying and selling products can be done within the comfort of your house. Those days are gone when you are required to step out of your house to complete your tasks. With the help of technology, all things become very easy to start. Selling products on online platforms is another attractive business idea for ladies with low investments. Online sites make capable to women to earn by showcasing their creativities. One can find vendors easily for handcrafted products such as candles, soap, and other home-made artifacts. Simply show your creativity and earn easily for your worker.

6. Cooking


Women are exceptionally good in cooking. The love of women for healthy cooking and tasty food for their family members and kids supports them to hone their skills of cooking unconditionally. Just experiments with food may help you create new recipes. A cooking business can be loving for women and a very good idea with low investment. Begin with cooking classes in your society and grab your own attention by sharing pictures and recipes of your food prep on social media. You can smoothly and easily build your business by beginning food delivery services directly from your kitchen.

7. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

The growth in the e-commerce business has increased the requirement for content writers. Businesses are seeking expert writers to build impressive content about their business that provides them the upper hand on their business rivals. Freelance writing is a very attractive business for women as this requires no investment and doesn’t force you to work during certain office hours. You can begin working from your house with comfort. The ability to pen your ideas beautifully can make you a better freelance writer and smoothly pitch to customers for yourself.

Above we listed some business ideas for women with low investment in India. We hope these all ideas will inspire you and help you to start your own small business with profit pursuits.

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