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We at Start Any Business UAE welcome writers and bloggers to write for us and contribute top-quality content. At Start Any Business UAE you can express yourself and reach business readers worldwide.

Original articles (not previously published) containing content based on your professional experiences and knowledge are accepted.

Before submitting articles and blogs, please read our guest writing guidelines.

Why would I write a guest post?

There are several factors why guest posting is such an essential blogging tactic.

As a result, new audiences may discover you and your work. Providing interesting, engaging articles about topics that are relevant to them will make them click on your link and read more.

In addition to improving your search engine rating, guest posting provides a backlink to your website. Search engines such as Google interpret this as a recommendation for your website. Experts estimate that guest posting aids your site’s Search engine optimization 6 times more than writing on your own site.

Guidelines For Guest Post Writing?

Your article should ideally generate a story based on personal business experience that will educate entrepreneurs and business owners with useful advice that they can apply to their own firms. Personal experience should be included, but the emphasis should be on providing instructional substance to the reader. For instance, you may write about a business difficulty you faced and how you overcame it, then offer readers advice on how they can do the same.

Please keep in mind that your post should be useful and relevant to a business audience.       

  • Proficient, friendly, and written in the first person.
  • Includes information that is straightforward, useful, and instructional for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • The title must be 60 characters long.     
  • Content should be approximately 700-1000 words       
  • Short paragraphs and bullet points are used to break up the text.      
  • The endorsement, direct sale, promotion, service, or link back to a specific product, or business is not permitted on the internet.

What we publish?

Start Any Business UAE is mainly focused on business-related blogs and articles, business news content, how to set up any business in Dubai, UAE, and many more. We are seeking writers or authors who can write for us and we can post unique blogs and articles.

Supporting Materials

Please provide any royalty-free resources that you believe would aid the article.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quotes
  • Links to relevant sources

How to submit?

When you have checked that all the guidelines above are met, please fill the form as per requirements and submit your article. Any article that meets the above guidelines will be published, but we reserve the right to decline articles that do not. 

Similarly, we reserve the right to adjust articles to make them more reader-friendly. 

For any queries please contact us at or

Why is Guest Posting Important for Your Business?

It is significant since it can enhance the number of followers you have and the number of shares you receive on social media.

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