How to Start a Salon Business in Dubai

If makeup and beauty have been your love or professional, then Dubai is a great location to start a salon business and set up your talent. There are people fond of managing a high standard of staying and taking care of their looks.

The UAE is not invisible to this because the beauty sector is a very demanding market, specifically in Dubai. Making the decision to start a salon in Dubai from India can be a good thought because there will always be a requirement for such services. With the high living standard and a disposable personal income, people prioritize their personal hygiene and therefore greatly take care of their looks, and as a consequence salon business does very well in Dubai.

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This is very remarkable for women because they are the ones who give the very significance to their looks and beauty. This certainly gave rise to the business salon establishment, a vital commercial activity in Dubai. As per the lifestyle and culture of Dubai, most of the salons are for ladies only. But you can locate a men’s salon also. Here we discuss more about opening a salon business in Dubai and some vital requirements.

The process to Start a Salon Business in Dubai

The process to Start a Salon Business in Dubai

Business people who are looking for how to open a salon in Dubai are required to comply with the steps given below to get a salon license in Dubai related to the selected business activity in Dubai. The steps comprise –

1. Submit Your Passport and Visa

You will have to present copies of your visa and passport to the relevant authorities to start the procedure of purchasing a license to run a salon in Dubai. Moreover, you also have to give copies of some necessary documents of your all business partners to the official.

2. Finalize a Trade Name

Do you decide on a trading name that you want to carry as your official trade name in Dubai? if not, you will have to make one and present the chosen name to the governmental entity to get approval. Make sure you comply with all the naming convention protocols while preparing the list of valid business names for your salon entity in Dubai.

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3. Obtain the Initial Approval

Once your business name is sanctioned along with the other presented documents, you will receive the initial approval from the jurisdiction. Next, you are required to partner with a local service agent who will assist you in obtaining a salon license in Dubai at a nominal charge. Note that this cost is independent of the cost of the salon license in Dubai.

4. Rent a Shop Space

renting a shop space decreases the cost of starting a salon business in Dubai because you are not required to invest huge sums of the amount in buying real estate. Make sure that the rented shop has a sound infrastructure and completes the needed office space norms specified by the government. You can get assistance from the best business professionals at Start Any Business UAE, and they will assist you in getting a rental shop space.

5. Apply for the Salon License

The procedure to get a salon license in Dubai can be done in 24 hours. However, this window gets expanded if you fail to present the needed documents or forget to make the payment of the specified charges. Remember that you are required to apply for a professional license as this is a skill-based service. In addition, renew your license in a timely manner to sustain its validity.

Documents Required to Start a Salon Business in Dubai

Documents Required to Start a Salon Business in Dubai

The mainland is favorable to establishing a salon business in Dubai because this provides a better possibility. As per the DED, there are necessary documents that you have to submit are –

  • A valid passport and visa copies
  • Approved trade name of your business
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Tenancy contract
  • Planning section approval
  • Business License

If you are still not able to understand the process then no need to worry as you can get the help of the best business formation consultants at Start Any Business UAE who will surely help you and provide you with the best possible services. We do not just give the answer to your inquiries but also provide assistance in establishing your salon business in Dubai. So, if you are keen to invest in a salon business then communicate with us today.

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