How to Start Clothing Business in Dubai

Starting a shop selling clothing, apparel or any kind of garments is a profitable business. Dubai is recognized as a hot location in the fashion world and hosts many shopping festivals throughout the year.

Therefore, if you are interested and want to know how to start a clothing business in Dubai then Start Any Business UAE consultants are here to deal with this matter. They will surely help you and guide the process.

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Starting a clothing business in Dubai from India can be a beneficial idea for anyone. Here we mentioned a little process and some vital aspects that you should know before starting the process.

From famous multinational brands to regular garment providers, everybody is present in the market. But this is not the case and new businesses are likely to develop. Many reasons account for this. The very crucial is the diversification of the population. People from all around the globe live in Dubai and have their preferences. There is also a variety in their economic status.

But clothing is a common need which is fulfilled by everybody. In Dubai, we can see people wearing Western apparel, local Arabic clothes, and many others wearing clothes representing their cultures and regions. There is a craze to adopt the latest fashion even among the rich. All these factors play their part in increasing possibilities for clothing-related businesses.

Steps to Start a Clothing Business in Dubai

Steps to Start a Clothing Business in Dubai

Following are the vital steps that you need to follow for the clothing business setup in Dubai.

  • Present all the initially necessary documents comprising passport and visa copies and more.
  • You would need a No Objection Certificate for the approval of the trade name of your shop.
  • Now locate a local sponsor and draft a Memorandum of Association with the business owner
  • Next, you need to choose an appropriate location for your business as per your needs.
  • You would need to choose a business center in the case of a wholesale clothing shop.
  • Present the application form with all the essential documents at the Department of Economic Development that would permit you to obtain a license to open a clothing shop in Dubai.

Getting a business license from the Department of Economic Development would permit you to import, sell, and manufacture your clothes in Dubai. Also, you can reexport these clothes to other nations. This procedure sounds a little difficult and lengthy. Hence, this is advisable to consult with experienced and trusted consultants to make sure your license is approved.

Why Should You Start a Clothing Business in Dubai

Why Should You Start a Clothing Business in Dubai

Dubai turned out to be the first option on the investment grounds list. Businessmen belonging to the clothing industry can target Dubai as their ultimate business base because of the following advantages.

1. Lucrative Market

Dubai is the best tourist location, that allures a large number of tourists from all over the world having various tastes in fashion. This business has become a golden chance for business people to come forward and grab the attention of clients. As per the estimates made, consumer spending in Dubai is estimated to be over $261 billion. When it comes to clothing, an average consumer spends about 7% of their income.

2. Strategic Location Options

To ease the business formation procedure for business people, the area of Dubai provides several choices such as free zone, mainland, and offshore. Every region gives various flexibility depending on the nature of the business, business capital, and size of the business.

3. Easy Availability of Business License

Getting a business license is a mandate when it comes to holds concerning business activities. When working with the clothing industry, you are required to have a general trading license to carry out the relevant activities.

Start a Clothing Business in Dubai

4. Simple Business Incorporation Process

To attract the attention of international business people, the government has taken several phases to simplify the process of business setup. Although business setup experts now like to outsource the incorporation part to skilled professionals hence, they can concentrate on strategy formulation.

5. Easy Availability of Visa

Business people making a plan to begin a business in Dubai are required to have an investor visa that defines the root cause of their existence in the country. In this case, if the business unit appoints worldwide employees, then an employment visa is required to be issued accordingly.

The reasons specified above are the privileges that business people can attract by incorporating a clothing business in Dubai. Now, to settle one, a businessman is required to go forward with paperwork and legal formalities. Any error in the procedure can result in the cancellation of a trade license, which includes huge hazards. To make the procedure error-free and quick, business people like to seek professional advice.

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