How To Start Fish Business In Dubai

Several businesses have opened their entrances, and the ships in the dock have been upgraded. However, fish trading is still a flourishing enterprise out here. The agriculture industry in the country isn’t just prolific but a vast source of revenues for local and overseas business people functioning in this sector. Our specialists in the business setup can guide you on how to start fish business in Dubai and can give legal help at any time. If you are in search to start a fish business in this emirate, then, here know a guide regarding the same.

The Process for Starting a Fish Business in Dubai 

When you work with Start Any Business UAE professionals will assist you in setting up your fish business in Dubai in some simple moves.

1. Choosing Your Activities 

First of all, you would require to clearly highlight the fishing business activities you want to run. For instance, are you planning on registering boats to catch fish for sale, or are you planning to buy fish once they are seen and package them for sale? You are free to run out of these activities and more, but everyone should be clearly described on the application for your license.

2. Selecting Your Business Name 

You would also require to select a business name prior to applying. This is vital that you adhere to the naming tradition of the country. You can’t comprise any profane language, nor any connections to God in your business name, and if you want to comprise your name in the name of your business, you should utilize it in full instead of only your initials and surname. You should also examine whether your selected name is obtainable to be registered.

3. Applying for Your License 

At this phase, Start Any Business UAE professionals will assist you to get your business license for your company. Based on the kind of business you’re building, there can be many moves to this procedure. You would require to make an application for your fish business license in Dubai directly to the Economic Department.

Or, if forming in a free zone, you have to get the appropriate authority. In case you plan to catch and market fish, you would also require to get a business license for your fish trade. This application must be formed for the Environment Department at the Dubai Municipality.

4. Applying for Your Visa 

As you apply for your business license, you can also fill out your visa application. You can apply this by yourself, or we will handle the application procedure on your behalf. This is also possible to sponsor others for their visas to the UAE as well, like your kids, parents, and spouse.

5. Bank Account Opening 

The final need prior to you being prepared to do business in Dubai is a bank account for your company. The Dubai emirate is home to a broad array of banking institutions, domestic banks, and international banks. Although opening a bank account for your corporation can be a complicated procedure for foreign business people, hence this is better to apply with the assistance of a professional that is well-versed in the procedure and its needs.

The Benefits of Starting a Fish Business in Dubai 

The list of reasons to begin a fish business in this emirate can fill an article on its own. For starters, the emirate of Dubai is perfectly placed to business with nearly every corner of the world through sea, air, and land. These incredible business connections are bolstered by Dubai’s several free zones, every giving 100% customs tax exemption, no currency limitations, and profit & capital repatriation.

When it comes to the fish business particularly, the advantages keep coming. On dry land, our residents seem to have an unappeasable craving for seafood, and UAE waters are within easy reach of a few of the best fishing waters in the world. As per the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development on Fish, yearly consumption in the country is 33 kilos per individual. That is nearly double the international standard.

Documents Required for Starting a Fish Business in Dubai 

The following are the papers that should be filed with the Environment Department to get a business license to run a fish business in Dubai –

  1. A valid Identity card of the applicant
  2. A current photo
  3. A boat license
  4. Proof of residency in case of overseas citizen
  5. Employment agreement

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