Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives in India

There has been a significant increase in the list of women entrepreneurs in the past decades in India. Today women are moving ahead in almost every sector and industry with their entrepreneurial potential. Hence, we have introduced some top small scale business ideas for housewives in India to select from and develop as an entrepreneur, based on their passion and skill. You can also consult with the Start Any Business UAE consultants who will help you to suggest the right business for you and also help you to establish it.

Small scale businesses have small staff, profits, or revenues. Although, it may be something that suits you. Small companies permit you to operate at your own pace while completing certain objectives set for you. A small business can be a good beginning if you wish to remain a “solopreneur” or wish to establish a big business for you without leaving your house.

Here is the list of Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives in India

1. Bakery

Bakery Business

If your cakes and bread have been always admired at parties, then maybe this is the time to turn it into a business than your hobby. For housewives who are gifted with interesting patisserie skills, beginning a bakery from your house can be a good manufacturing idea. Cakes are in demand throughout the year and the requirement for themed, and fancy cakes are now on the rise. It can be a highly beneficial business for housewives.

2. Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service

If you are outstanding in the kitchen, it can be your calling. Nowadays, everyone is busy with their office life, a lot of people stay away from their house for jobs and do not have enough time for cooking food for themselves. Then, it is a good possibility for you to begin a tiffin service business for those people. You can cook food according to the requirement and do not require to purchase what you do not have except some tiffin boxes. The advantage here is that many people sign up for monthly or weekly tiffin so that you have a continuous flow of the function.

3. Tailoring


Beginning a tailoring business is very famous for several years. You may begin this business from your house with a sewing machine if you have already a sewing machine or you can buy a cheap machine nowadays. You can begin this by working for your friends, relatives, and neighbors.

4. Beauty Parlour

Beauty Parlour

It demands a certain type of beauty training and beauty services which you can get easily from any institute. Once you have it, it is a very beneficial business because the requirement for beauty services is in high demand. A beauty salon is a much trendy and popular business. You can start with your home.

5. Tutoring

Tutoring Business

If you have always had a passion for teaching, then begin tuition classes can be a better business idea for housewives. You can select to begin with any educational institution in your sector or even begin your classes directly from your home. You can also teach online not only educational courses but also art and craft and other interesting things.

6. Content Writing

Content Writing

If you are a better writer, then you can begin providing content writing services from your house. New websites are emerging every day and there is an unmatched requirement for content. Since most startups do not have the requirement or resources to hire an in-house content writer, they tend to appoint a freelance content writer. You can receive your first project from freelancing websites and create your network gradually.

7. Cloth and Jute Bag Making

Cloth and Jute Bag Making

With plastic bags increasingly being under-used and even banned in a certain portion of the nation, jute or cloth bags are by far the most in-demand. These are reusable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly products. You can start this business from your house. You can supply your bags to brands, NGOs, in fact, you can begin your own brand if you have a knack for design and can make them stand out.

8. Baby Sitting or Childcare Services

Baby Sitting or Childcare Services

There is a high demand for babysitting or childcare facilities due to the increase in the number of working couples. If you love children and can take care of them in a responsible manner, you can begin a childcare business is very less. This can be beginning from the house and as the increases of the number of kids, you can think of renting a spot. You have to invest in some toys, mattresses, and cribs. In addition, diaper packets and a first aid box are necessary.

9. Gardening and Nursery

Gardening and Nursery

It is an amazing small business idea that requires very little investment. Because of enhanced ecological awareness, several people now prefer to have small plants at their houses and workplaces. You can begin gardening services or a nursery to sell plants, fertilizers, seeds, and more.

10. Pet Care

Pet Sitting Business

People apparently love their pets. But when they go for a vacation or on business trips, this can be difficult to take your pet along. Therefore, people look for someone who can take care of their pets. If you like pets, then you can start a business as a pet sitter.

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