How to Start Construction Business in Dubai

Dubai has shown phenomenal development in the construction field in the last decade. This is now second in terms of construction development, and the situation is not far off. Hence, you are interested in construction business setup and want to know how to start construction business in Dubai. You can get in touch with the Start Any Business UAE professionals who will definitely help you and guide you during the process of construction business formation. You also get adequate support from the government agencies because they that business people get the right resources and approvals required for the construction business.

Dubai is recognized for skyscrapers and other amazing construction projects. High-rise buildings serve many functions for the development of many industries throughout the emirate. They not just solve the issues related to business and residence accommodation but also promote the tourism sector. In addition to high-rise buildings, the hotel buildings, artificial islands, parks, and other entertainment and business projects are constantly under construction in Dubai.

The construction field has been growing in this emirate for the past many decades and there is no reason not to see further development in the coming future. A current report demonstrates that the UAE has the second quickest construction development in the world. This is major because of the Dubai progress. There are many other small and large building projects underway in various parts of Dubai. they give massive possibilities for the construction company formation in Dubai.

Opportunities in the Construction Business in Dubai

One of the highest-earning businesses in the United Arab Emirates is the construction business. Dubai is home to the highest building worldwide which means the Burj-Al-Khalifa and the tallest residential building in the globe, which means Marina 101. It is also Burj-Al-Arab and Prices tower, which are certainly the very notable structures in Dubai.

The government of Dubai has approved a USD 7.8 billion expansion project for the Dubai International Airport and a re-development project for the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It should be forgotten that Dubai would host the World Expo 2020, which will give a plethora of options in the construction field.

The government of Dubai has given a lot of money to the growth of the travel and tourism field. The promotional activities of the first human-made island of the world that means the Palm Jumeirah, is also increasing on a daily note.

The Process to Start Construction Business in Dubai

Before construction business setup in Dubai, the first point is to determine is whether you wish to go for company establishment in the free zone, or a company established in the mainland.

  • The next phase will be the beginning registration of the company at the Department of Economic Development. The construction trade comes under the category of the commercial sector, for which one requires to get a commercial license in Dubai. Such a license is officially permitted to begin any kind of business in Dubai.
  • After getting a business license for establishing a construction business in Dubai, the next phase will be appointing experts such as business advisors in Dubai, who can apply for a building permit on behalf of you.
  • Evaluation of the soil for construction and determining soil properties would be the work of experts, which is the next vital step.
  • Other activities comprise getting a trade license from the Dubai Municipality in the situation of mainland companies. In the situation of a free zone, this is called the G+1 permit. Dubai has other many licenses to get, such as the civil work permit and environmental license.
  • You would require to take specific approvals to form other concerned authorities also such as Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Building Department, Etisalat, No Objection certificate from the Civil Defense Authority.

Permits and Approvals Require to Start a Construction Business in Dubai

  • A civil work permit, that comprises the world prior to any formations.
  • To get a building permit, the contractor requires to present the design drawing of the proposed building by the respective official.
  • A permit from the Roads and Transport Authority to access the road and internal road network for transportation purposes.
  • For disposal of risky waste, approval is to be issued by the concerned official.
  • A building Completion Certificate, that permits that building to be occupied.

The construction sector of Dubai is booming and schemes to reach a new level in its coming three to four years. We have witnessed why Dubai serves as the best probable market for the construction business. A nation has very probable for only one segment of its market is significant. If you are making a plan to establish your business in Dubai, Start Any Business UAE consultants are able to assist you in the entire process.

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